If you have never heard of Gavin DeGraw

I was wondering how to start this blog and then I stumbled across this video. It gave me something to think about, as Gavin usually does anyhow, but it also gave me an idea.

Who is this guy?

In this video Gavin is asked if someone had never heard of Gavin DeGraw, where to start. How to begin getting to know him, his music and his thoughts. What album to pick, which song to listen first. I was a bit anxious to hear the answer, I tried to guess what he might say. But I admit, I was wrong. I came up with something too obvious, like ‘I don’t want to be‘ or ‘Chariot’. And if Gavin is good at something, he’s pretty good in surprising me, too.

So, if you haven’t heard of him before, do as he says, and pick the album ‘Sweeter’ and press play on songs number 6 and 7.

When I heard him to say first the song called ‘Stealing’, I was grinning all by myself. For I absolutely love that one. That’s one of my favourites from that album. I was going to write ‘my favourite’, but then again, how could I ever pick just one? And I love them all, I guess. But Stealing has some special meaning for me, it was the first song from that album that I learned from the heart. I was singing along in a crowded bus, humming when doing some gardening. It was a song that stuck with me. I like the melody, the start of it, and I like the words.

But when he added that the next song that should be listened would be ‘You know where I’m at’ I was almost breathless. You know, I first came to know Gavin when I accidentally bought his album ‘Sweeter’ and I fell instantly in love with his music. And this particular song made me cry when I first heard it. I was going through some difficult times in my life and when he goes ‘the worst is over now’, it somehow, I don’t know, it sounds weird, but it gave me hope. It somehow did give me hope, that I will get through it.

I was almost late from work that day when I pressed the play button for the first time. I was astounded. Totally degrawed from the very first notes I heard.

Anyways. He said that those two songs would be very close to his thoughts, and if so, they are a really great way to get to know him. I was a bit surprised for he chose that slow and emotional songs. I was expecting something more, umm, beaty. (Is that a word?) Faster, I guess, more attitude. But I think Gavin is such a sweetheart and I love his ability to do things with a wide scale.

So, now that you know something about him…

Gavin was also asked about the thing he first notices in songs: melody, lyrics or rhythm. I wasn’t surprised his answer for this one, because his own lyrics are that ingenious. I love words too, in all their forms: poems, books, lyrics, blogs. I look up to people who know how to use their words. And I think Gavin does know that, at least it works pretty well for me.

He said that a bad melody can be compensated with a good lyrics, and that a bad lyrics can ruin the whole song no matter how much quality it has otherwise. I agree, completely. For me it has always been like this. The first thing I notice must be the melody, but the thing that keeps me intrigued, are the lyrics. No question about that. There has to be something that keeps me thinking. Something I don’t get at first, perhaps. Some deeper thoughts behind the first words. Some larger picture. Something I can use my wit against.

In the song called ‘Cop stop’ Gavin tells us that ‘arguing was always my forte’, and I can believe it very easily. So, yeah, I’m with you this one, G.

…don’t you just adore him?

You know, I do.

He just keeps making me fall even deeper with every word he says. Or it seems. There’s always a catch, for me, somehow he manages to make me think. And if I love words, I also love thinking. Ha.

Oh, and in the end Gavin is asked if he could use only one word to describe himself, what would it be. The word ends up to be ‘funny’, and I must accept that, for he is, and he has made me laugh so hard I was actually crying. But it somehow still leaves me wondering if he really meant to give that word, or was it just a beginning of a sentence.

In any case, funny, witty, charming he is.

What is the one word you would have used?


Your turn now!

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