Why Gavin?

Well, you know. That’s a good question. (I almost wrote a ‘goof’ question, could be that, too, ha!)

I could ask also: why not?

 Well, okay. I love him simply because he has the most amazing voice, his lyrics are ingenious, and his charm is something I just can’t resist. He can put up a pretty decent show. He’s funny and witty and – my god, that smile!

 Not my type of puzzle

The first impression for me of him was his voice, his style of music, the way he pronounces words. At first it was tremendously hard for me to somehow combine his voice and his looks. I remember refusing to watch any music videos for I felt uneasy when I saw him. I remember telling people that he wasn’t my type, that my infatuation was only for his voice and music. Ha. I remember those times, true, but it’s beginning to be a bit vague memory, ha! I mean, who could possibly resist him?

 Yeah, uneasy.

I mean. I just didn’t know how to put these pieces together. His looks and his voice. It somehow, I don’t know. They didn’t fit together, for some reason, for me. His voice made me think, I don’t know, maybe something more darker, deeper, umm.

Yes, I get speechless many times when trying to describe him or the things he has done to me. Do you know what I mean?

 Voice over everything

The voice was so brilliant that I didn’t need anything else. I love the easiness in his singing. How it just flows. I love listening to him performing live, for he doesn’t just content with singing in a way he has always done, but giving something extra and special to it every single time.  I love seeing how much he enjoys being up there, having fun with us.

 I think I wrote to somewhere that I like his voice because it sometimes brings smoky blues clubs into my mind and in the next second I’m lifted way up high with it, higher than the clouds, into the brightness of the sun.

 I was cautious to watch any interviews as well, for sometimes people’s talking voice isn’t the same as the singing voice, and I didn’t want to get disappointed with that one. Well, let me tell you: I have never been more not-disappointed in my entire life than when hearing him actually speak the first time. All I could think was, wow, he sounds exactly the same! Ha. Yes, I’m a bit weirdo, I know. I love voices!

 I work at the customer service of one Finnish mobile telephone operator and I answer the phone a lot. And I enjoy it, for some clients have such an amiable voice I could talk to them like ages. And I guess it would be much the same with Gavin as well. (If I could speak at all, ha! But, you know, I like to listen to him, so no big deal anyways!)

 Fighting against it didn’t work

So, yeah, it took some time for me to combine his face with his gorgeous voice. At first I didn’t find him attractive at all. Yeah, I kept telling everybody, that it’s not his looks, it’s just his voice. His music. The lyrics. The whole package without his looks, ha. Look at me now. Swooning like every time I see him. The degrawement just took over me, what can I say?

And still, somehow, I feel cautious about him. I adore him, deeply, have this tremendous appericiation and respect for him, and he makes me smile every time I listen to him (that’s literally every day), and watching him putting up a show just … leaves me breathless, I guess. And still, after all this, I feel cautious. I don’t know how to explain it, and I don’t know if it matters or not. I just get this strange and vague feeling of… something. That I should know something. Be aware of something.  Hmh. Yeah. I’m pretty good in imagining things, too.

And then again. One smile of his and I would happily give my Audi away if I had one. (I love Audis. Totally. My dream car, ha.)

Anyways, falling for his looks took some extra time of me, but I absolutely fell in instantly in love with his voice and his music. The first ever song I heard was ‘Sweeter’. That’s a good way of starting with him, don’t you agree?

More about my first impressions

I have written about my first thoughts and the reasons for my infatuation in my other blogs, as well – spreading the degrawement, ha! So, if still interested, click HERE for the shorter or HERE for a bit more extensive blog post of mine. And, oh, before I forget: I wrote also a brilliant birthday letter to him where I told about the reasons why I like him, in my blog, but you know, there’s always a chance, right?

And now, I’m very eager to hear your story. How did you end up being degrawed?


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