Happy for Heather

I have had a couple of heart attacks lately, for I – wait for it! – was followed by Gavin DeGraw in Twitter! Not just once, but twice!

Umm. Well, not exactly, no. I thought so for a one hundredth of a second when I wasn’t finished reading yet. For the first time my heart exploded it was Gavin DeGraw Info. Sigh. And the second time it was, um, can’t remember. Perhaps it was Gavin DeGraw Norway or something. I mean, dudes, does it has to say Gavin DeGraw in the beginning?

Ha. No hard feelings, though. I lived.

Today I witnessed mr DeGraw tweeting to someone I follow, too. Oh, my, God. I have noticed that Gavin tweets occasionally back, and that is sweet. Totally. And now it hitted someone I follow, and as I tweeted…

I felt extremely happy for her. I don’t know this person personally, but I love her posts, and I know that much that this next tweet totally made her day. A week. Um. A year, perhaps. It would have made mine!

So, anyways, I felt very happy for her. Extremely happy. It made me fall even more in love with G.

I mean, isn’t he just amazing?


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