Make a move

Make a move

I was very excited when buying this album. I had fallen deeply in love with the previous ones. I was just found ‘Free’, my current favourite, and was wearing it out, kind of. When I got my new ‘Make a move’, I was surprised. Very much indeed. I felt even a bit disappointed. I was all like nooo, what has he done?’. This is not Gavin DeGraw, this is Rihanna for god’s sake.  Or someone else, but definitely not the same guy who made ‘Free’. And I must admit that if I compare ‘Free’ and ‘Make a move’ there is kinda huge gap between those two particular albums.

But yes, I totally agree when Gavin says that an artist should be able to develope, and be renewed. We wouldn’t be buying the fifth album if they all were similar to ‘Free’, would we? And I appericiate it a lot. I, myself, need a constant change in my life, the similarity is so tiring, and I so easily get bored with the everyday life when everything just goes the same way it has always been going. So, change is good. Development is good. And Gavin says that it is difficult for an artist to do that kind of a change without scaring the old fans off.  We all are expecting something from him, aren’t we? I surely was, and this wasn’t anything, let me underline it, anything that I expected it to be. I wasn’t going to bugger off, though, for I love him too much for it. I just felt, umm. Confused.

Before buying the album all I had heard was ‘Best I ever had’, and it was different at first, but I very fast loved it, too. I got shivers when he goes ‘I think I love you, but don’t even know ya’. Even E, my 4-year-old, liked it a lot, she kept dancing and actually asked me to play it again. Ha! I have brainwashed my whole family! (well, almost, for my husband still doesn’t care much G, he just keeps telling me I shouldn’t talk about G that much. What a killjoy he is!).

Decieved, disappointed & confused

So, actually I think I was expecting something different, but it turned out to be even more so. After first time listening it through I was pretty damn confused. I wanted to like it, because I like Gavin, but he had just made it rather difficult for me. I felt like there was nothing like Gavin in it, I felt it so bad it made me annoyed. I felt disappointed and, yeah, deceived.  I needed to listen it through for a second time, and still I was, ugh, uneasy. There must have been something I liked because I kept listening it through all over again and again and again, you know. And again.

I found something intriguing from ‘Every little bit’ and ‘Leading man’. Gosh, masculinity overflows, kinda thing! ’Everything will change’ was tremendously beautiful and sweet and encouraging to me– and it made me annoyed for it’s that encouraging. I guess I’m a bit bitter about some things occasionally, I feel like ’yeah, everything will change like it has done before, right? do you really think I’m gonna buy that crap?’

But hey, that’s just me. And on another day I just enjoy it. It’s just that my dreams are ones that can’t ever become real. They can’t. I wrote a poemish thingy about it and it goes like ’they keep telling me, you should never give up, you never know how close you are, you are just about to break through, but it’s not true, I never will be, I should never be, I cannot break through, I may not, it’s forbidden and I need to give up’. But giving up of a dream… you know, it hurts. But, ha, someone (can’t really remember who it was) has said that ‘when you know it’s wrong, you got to cut it loose’.

Finally I reached a state of mind that I understood most of it. And nowadays I kinda like it all the way through. One song that doesn’t make me shiver or grin all by myself is ‘Need’. I like it’s story, but the song itself is, umm. Not my style, not exciting to me in anyway. Or, I do like the chorus, but the rest of it just gets me still feeling uneasy. And I actually have this same problem with several of the songs on this album. I either like the chorus or the verse -part of a song, but not really the wholeness of them. Except the ones mentioned above.

The short thoughts

Okay, I’ll just go through the whole album, very shortly, I promise.

  1. Best I Ever Had ** Love this one. I like the positive energy I get from it. Makes me smile every time. Love the video, too!
  2. Make a Move ** This is okay. Yeah, just ok. No any great feelings of annoyment or enjoyment, either. But I always like ‘put up your hands and surrender to me’ -part. With pleasure, G! I kinda like the thought in this song, that we should make a move in our lives.
  3. Finest Hour ** Okay, I like the story, I would like to have that kind of a finest hour, too. Ha. But the style of this song wasn’t really gavinish to me at first. I have accepted this one, though, got used to it, but not my fav.
  4. I’m Gonna Try ** Well, I like this one. I like singing along. There’s something soft and warm in here.
  5. Who’s Gonna Save Us ** I like singing this one, too. Not that exciting, but, yeah, I like singing it, so it has to have something in it!
  6. Everything Will Change ** Sigh. As I wrote. I deeply love it on one day for it’s encouragement. I deeply hate it on another day for it’s encouragement. But it’s beautiful, no matter what.
  7. Need ** Sorry Gav, I must put this one into category ‘not my thing’. Dull, it means nothing to me.
  8. Heartbreak ** Umm, this is just ok, too. Not particulary gavinish.
  9. Every Little Bit ** Yeahh. Love this one. Definitely one of my favourites on this album.
  10. Different for Girls ** Uhh. Sexy. Love it. I particulary like the ‘we had a few and a little more and a little more and a little more’ part.
  11. Leading Man ** Ahh. As I wrote earlier, masculinity overflows. I mean, come on! ‘Hold my gun’? Is it just me? Sexy, big time.

What do you think? What is your favourite from this album? What did you think when you first listened it through?

Oh, can’t help myself. See it yourself! (Couldn’t find the video with ‘The Move’, though, sorry!)


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