Before the show


This video came to me from the Gavin DeGraw Europe -community in Facebook. It was interesting for me, because I’m interested of people’s habits to get them going, you know. I admire deeply those people who can put themselves in this situation, kind of stick their necks out, to be ready to go. I remember reading that one Finnish actress, Iina Kuustonen, is totally terrified every time she needs to get on the stage. She said that every time she thinks that this will be the last time she’ll ever do something like that. That this time everything will fail and backfire so bad. She said that she’s thinking constantly (before the show) that why did she made the decision to do acting for her living?

I guess these people get something from the show, no matter how bad it feels before it. I have understood that this kind of a feeling is rather a rule than an exception for a performer. I don’t know. I’m not one. But the thing what keeps intriguing me is that what do they do to get them going. How they overcome the fear night after night after night?

Um. Not saying that Gavin would be afraid. He surely doesn’t seem like it at all. But as I commented on Facebook, when I watched this little video, I started to feel pretty nervous myself. It somehow caught me. Me. I tried to imagine myself in the same situation, getting ready to go on stage. And I just felt how my heart bounced, and it became harder to breath. Yeah. I’m good at imagining, I guess. I was just wondering how does Gavin feel before the show.

What does he think? Is he planning his first moves or words for the crowd? Is he just going with the flow, just getting up there and just, you know, put up a show? Is he actually thinking at all, maybe just feeling the flood of expectations and love the crowd is sending? Does it ever come to his mind that ‘my gosh, I’d rather be alone reading a book’ or something, or ‘it’s just this same crap every time’?

Well, let me tell you what I think and then you can share your mind, too. I don’t think he’ll be ever bored over putting up a show. I haven’t seen that many performances of his, but I still have this feeling that this man loves it. Truly loves it. I think he is very comfortable with the attention. There are some people who are like that, they just shine when noticed. The gazes they’re getting make them glimmer even a bit more. They enjoy it. And I guess that’s the reason performers perform, because they enjoy it. Because they can’t live without the excitement.

In one interview Gavin says that performers have gotten the ‘same bug’, that they get so much from the shows that they just can’t live without it. He said that the thing he’s feeling on stage is something he can’t compare to anything else in the whole world. It’s very beautifully said, and I think I may put the video on this blog later on. It’s one of my favourites.

But yeah, so, I don’t believe Gavin is feeling anxious or frustrated before the show. I guess that what he is feeling is more some good excitement, like he’s looking forward to it. And I guess there is some nervousness, at least I believe that everyone of us feels (at least a bit) nervous before putting themselves out, kind of. I get the feeling that he’s more like ‘let’s see what happens’ than ‘oh, I have planned everything to the letter’ -kind of a guy. Don’t know, though.

What do you think? How would you feel before the show?



4 thoughts on “Before the show

  1. There was another interview he did where he said that he doesn’t like to think about it too much before the show. If he sits around doing nothing, it gets into his head and he gets nervous. But if he keeps busy right up to the show, then he can just go out there and perform his heart out, no problem 🙂

    • That sounds very reasonable, too much thinking can spoil so many things – speaking from the experience, ha! And I guess that he has done this many times enough that he really doesn’t have to think about it. When you know something from the heart, you can just go with the flow. I wonder what did he do before his first ever concert 😀 Thanks for sharing this 🙂

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