Had some fun, did some things

Have you ever made up any fanfiction in your head? Ever wrote it down? Would you want to share it?

I bumped into some fanfiction when twittering around when I hadn’t anything better to do. I was a bit curious about it, for I had imagined them to be a bit, umm, how to put this… steamy. Maybe it’s just me, ha! But this one I read was actually a nice piece about an accidental meeting in a café.

I like to imagine those kinds of coincidencies, that could actually happen to someone someday somewhere. It’s just so, umm, I don’t know what word to use, tingling? Sparkling? Anyways, nice to imagine things that could happen. Things that have a possibility, even how slight, but possibility anyhow, to happen. I don’t care so much about those really unrealistic ones. Well, yeah, I know the point of doing fanfiction is the unreality of it, kind of. But lately I have been so pissed about unreal dreams that I have deliberately refused to do it anymore. Like the dreams where our eyes meet once and he instantly falls  passionately in love.

I mean, come on. That just wouldn’t happen to anybody with anyone. I don’t believe that.

Anyways, this is quite off the topic, but still. Lately I’ve wanted to keep things real. And like I read from a magazine for some time ago: the real life is so much more exciting than just dreaming. I didn’t think it back then, but nowadays I start to believe it. And no, nothing special has actually happened to make me feel this way, but I have this feeling… (well, okay, it could have something to do with G: he made me travel to London, to do things I love, to say things I feel, to start anew) … that I have a chance in my life to, I don’t know, affect, have an impact on things. Okay, this was just a leap of thought, back to business.

So, fanfiction. About Gavin DeGraw.

 Would be so sweet to read yours if you have any. I would be tempted to try some of my own. Because, you know, I love words, and I love writing – and with no doubt this guy. So isn’t it just very natural thing to do?

The next question is that what would I write about?

I think it would start with some blueness, or – no, a better idea. A cut through to a very happy situation where she wouldn’t think about G at all. At all. And then something sudden would occur: she would bump into someone, the elevator would get stuck, she would see G in traffic lights… umm, you name it. And then, mmhh, the story begins. I guess it would be something like G would be in a friendly way assertive and busy, and couldn’t spare any time. But just a little. And that little moment would be a seed for something else. Maybe there would be a concert of his where she was going to. Or maybe they would accidentally meet again somewhere later on. Anyways, it wouldn’t be any good fanfiction if it all ended here – as in real life it would, right? I think I’m going with that concert option. She might have had a VIP ticket. He would remember her. They would have a nice and witty conversation. She would have a strange feeling that he might actually enjoy her company.

At this point I’m getting more blurred picture in my head. What could happen in real? Would he follow her in Twitter? Would he invite her to spend some time with him after the show? Would they become real good, lifelong friends? Would they just part and never see again? Would he fall madly in love with her and announce his affection by singing a serenade to her in the concert? Would they end up in a situation where she would say ‘we had some fun, did some things’?

So many options. I’m getting carried away. Haha.

Should I do it? Write it down with more details? I don’t know. But I would be very curious about your versions, though!


Your turn now!

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