My week with Gavin DeGraw

I wrote earlier that I listen to him like every day. And I think there are still few of you who don’t actually believe me. You know, I don’t buy it when someone else says things like that to me. Like ‘I think of you every day’, or ‘there has been not a single day when I haven’t miss her’ or anything. I tend to think ‘yeah, yeah, like I should believe you’. I think that someone is highly appericiated and missed a lot, but every day? Sheesh. Please don’t exaggerate peeps!

But you know. I’m not. Let me show you.


I started my daily portion of DeGraw with watching my new blu-ray ‘Sweeter’, a live concert. I had seen it once before, but this time the beginning hit me like a lightning. I found myself thinking ‘oh my god, oh my god, oh my god’. Ha. Isn’t he sweet? No, he’s sweeter! I was staring. I was supposed to get up and get some things done (feeding my kids, for example), but I was sitting and staring. Sheesh. Looking good, mister!

But I wasn’t the only one! I was happily surprised and amused when my girls (E is 4-years-old and I-M is 1-year-old) were similarly stunned. I-M started to bounce up and down – her version of expressing ‘wow, really good!’ and E was staring and listening and staying in the same place the whole song ‘Sweeter’. After the song she said very thoughtfully: ‘That Gavin can sing so very good. And I like his hat. Do they sell them in Finland?’

My god I love my girls!

Ok. Well this wasn’t all, obviously. Later on the day I played piano and tried to learn how to stumble through ‘Chariot’ or better said it’s first page. Didn’t succeed that good. But I’m happy to pronounce that I can play the very first stroke of the song! Ha!

In the mean time I was Twittering around and reading some Gavin-related tweets. In the evening I was blogging to this blog. And I’m having so much fun with this blog! I hope you can enjoy it at least a tiny bit as well!

It was time to go to bed, but I was youtubing. *sigh* I know, I’m helpless. So, I guess, I’m gonna be tired at work tomorrow. Blame on you, Gavin. Keeping me distracted.


I start my working week and I’m happy for my one hour travel to my work. I can listen to music and fall into sleep again. Or into my dreams. Which ever suits me better.

But on this Monday I did something else, too. I posted a high-quality video on Instagram for I wanted to show off my piano playing skills! You can see my true talent, if you click HERE. That’s pretty much all I can do. Sigh. I like playing piano, but learning to play is frustrating.

In the bus I listened all my music shuffled, but there were couple of Gavin’s as well. I jammed along with ‘Different for girls’. I twitterized a bit, too, watched pics and kept falling in love with G.

At home my husband told me that his ‘Gavin-hat’ has went missing. I bought it to him from London. We found the hat.


Gavin tweeted Heather! I felt amazed. Extremely happy. Almost if it hitted me. The happy day.

In the bus I didn’t deliberately listen to Gavin, but I decided to go through my playlist in alphabetical order instead. It’s fun. I was in the letter F at that moment, so G was obviously there (‘Follow through’, ‘Finest hour’, ‘Free’).

This was the day I felt everything happened at once. When back home I blogged about Gavin tweeting (Happy for Heather), for I was still happy. I was totally surprised and honored when I got so many positive comments and so many new followers. And happy of course. My phone was like constantly beeping. I love you Gdg’s!

And you know what? It’s not because of me, it really isn’t. Well, ok, it’s my blog, agree. But still all of this that happened to me today is because of this one man tweeted 7 words and a triple smiley.


In the bus my journey through my playlist continued. I was currently at letter I, so yeah, more Gavin for me (*I don’t want to be’, ‘I’m gonna try’)!

At work I was blogging. Sounds terrible, I know, but I promise I did it only on my spare time. Wrote the Fifth anniversary for Free‘, published when back home.

E surprised me again when running to my cd’s, picking one and running back to her room. ‘I’m gonna listen this!’, she announced. Okay, no complaints. The cd was ‘Chariot’.

I was wondering that when the people I know will get annoyed with me when spamming G on Facebook. Or in Twitter. Oh well. That’s their problem, right?


A normal day. Some songs of G when going through my playlist. ‘Leading man‘ got me going.

Twittering. Finally some conversation. And my. God! Just heard that it could be possible that Gavin would come back to Europe in fall! I was planning to travel just… anywhere if that happens. Better start to saving money for my addiction, I guess.

Oh, really, really, really hope for it!

I was planning to YouTube Gavin on way home in my bus, but fell asleep. No dreams of the person in question, though. Bummer.


I was going through the letter M in my bus on this day. Many nice songs. ‘Meaning’, ‘Make a move’, ‘Mountains to move’, ‘Medicate the kids’, ‘More than anyone’. Was wnjoying my ride. Was enjoying the fact that it was Friday.

Blogging at work again. The day was just awkwardly quiet so made a lot of good stuff. Had fun, too, when writing.

Back home I suddenly fell down emotionally. Was just exhausted. Had no patience what so ever for my husband’s “funny” jokes or his sometimes so annoying bluntness. Uhh. Delicacy? Where is the delicacy and the romance? Not in my marriage, apparently. At least not today.

Very blue. Went through the album ‘Free’. Asked help from Twitter, but I wasn’t noticed. Decided to do some blogging, and did (Make a move). Went through huge amounts of versions of ‘Leading man’. Tried to find that Special Move, but didn’t. Had fun, though.

I was. Cheered up. Went to bed and tried to get some sleep. My leading man was still on my mind.


Woke up. Looked at the alarm clock and paniced. Oh crap! I was late from work! I rushed up and heard my husband tell me it’s Saturday. My heart slowly calmed down. Phew. Saturday. No work today.

My sweet fellow Gdg’s had remembered me. Felt much better. Especially with this pic of…


Got some friends coming over who don’t know anything about G. Feels bit, umm, restraining. No witty remarks with hidden messages, then. Love my friends, so I just endured.

So, my Saturday was used pretty much on off-Gavin stuff. Refreshing actually.

So. That was my week with him. How would you do? Is it everyday to you, too?

No worries. I totally get you!


Your turn now!

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