“You’re not going home without me.”

I clicked this video because of, umm. Well, just because. I guess I expected it to be highly amusing, but it didn’t actually work very well with me. I was tired and maybe I wasn’t in the mood of hilariosity. I felt it was like made-made, not that spontaneous humour that I prefer. Anyways, there I was,  watching it at leisure, taking my time and just hanging around in Youtube and suddenly I felt the heat. Hot! Ohh, sweet mama. Did he just, did he…?

And yes, he did.

‘You’re not going home without me’, he said.

‘You can pick me up with that line anytime, G!’ I thought.

But after this I started to wonder if it was true or not. How would I act if someone said those words to me? Well, if we’re counting out the most obvious answer (if it’s Gavin, then anything would do, just imagine: ‘what does a girl like you do in a place like this?’, ‘I’m Gavin’ would definately work, haha! ‘What’s that you’re drinking?’, uhh, yeah, I’m bad at coming up with any pick up lines!), then I have to admit I may not find that line particulary attractive.

I mean, if it was just somebody. Some creep. And it would definately feel like a creep to me if saying that. If not – I must admit – the creep would be extra charming, good looking and smart with his words later on. Yeah, I tend to take notice of words used. And I mean extra charming.  I could have an enjoyable chat with the creep, but going home with him? Not a chance.

That’s too arrogant, too overly aggressive for me. I enjoy delicacy. ‘And who might you be to be able to assume things like that’, I would think. Yeah, yeah, it’s a pick up line, I know. They’re supposed to be like that, aren’t they?

And if it was Gavin saying that… well, you know, that’s a whole different story.

What is the worst pick up line you’ve heard or used?

I, myself, picked one guy up with one mentioned above. I was feeling absolutely witty and charming when saying: ‘hiya, what’s that you’re drinking?’.

Ha! That was bad. But hey, it worked!

(And now I can’t stop imagining Gavin saying that headline all over again. Am I the only one?)



Your turn now!

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