Community of fans

I once tweeted that one thing I’m very glad being Gavin DeGraw’s fan is his fans. I love you, girls! (and guys, apparently) I mean, I have felt so overall welcomed to be part of this, umm, how should I put it? Part of this.

 Previously I have been rather secretive about my likings. If anyone would have asked the teenager-me that what is my favourite music, I would have answered ‘I like many kinds of music’ instead of highlighting my idols that time (A Finnish band called Neon2 was the big thing for me back then!). But you know, once I had heard about this particular guy we have been talking about, I swept all my cautiousness aside. I love him too much to hide it. I guess.

 So, for me, this experience of being bluntly open about my idolization is quite new, but my god, I like it.

 And I have feared that maybe I would only feel jealous about my (mine! my own! my precious!) idols, and wouldn’t be able to share my infatuation with others with pleasure. But that has been unnecessary fear, it seems. I feel togetherness with you all, it’s like we all would have been gotten the same bug, or something. I’m not (that) jealous about Gavin as I thought I would be, I just get this heart warming feeling of ‘oh, yeah, I know what you are talking about’, when twittering around.

 Magical togetherness

I feel, somehow, that we have our own community. We have this one thing in common no matter where we live, how our lives are, how do we look like or who else we might look up to. And it feels pretty good to be a part of it. I haven’t found anything similar from any other place, concerning any other celeb before. It could have something to do with that fact that I haven’t been telling my likings around before, but, umm, rather I would believe that there’s some GDG-magic going around.

 I just posted on my other blog about celebs having an impact on us (if you wanna see, just go ahead, CLICK!). I wrote about a thought that has kept coming to my mind lately: that the reason of our idolization, our love for someone, the mystical connections, the urgent need to be seen by someone particular – that all this isn’t really about the object, the celeb, at all. I got the feeling that it’s something that is inside of us. Inside of me. Something I might have been denying. Something I need more or something I need to let go.

 Gavin… He’s… doing things to me. Ha. I mean. I somehow see in him many things that I would like to learn myself. Being that friendly and, umm, kinda in the same level with everyone. And still being highly independent, not trying to be anything else than he is. (I don’t know how he is for real, for I don’t know him personally, bummer!) But this is the image I’m creating for him. And somehow I see everything he does through this image I have made up in my mind. It might be real, or it might not be. I can’t tell.


I have stumbled across with some pretty cool fans, mostly in Twitter. I’m also a twitter-o-holic, ha! So, if you have an account, just go and follow these sweeties!

// // // // // // // // // // //

 Not to forget these: // // // // //  //

Oh, and special thanks for Heather and her amazing Instagram! I have been having hard times trying to concentrate to my job when accidentaly (!) instagraming every now an then because of her! And Gavin, most obviously.

In Facebook there’s this community for European Gavin fans I just joined, but I guess anyone is welcomed if only the one demand is fulfilled, and I guess you know what that is. So, go ahead. And there’s also Fans of Gavin DeGraw.

And lots and lots of other cool stuff that I haven’t yet discovered. Doing my best every day, though! Let’s keep on the degrawement, are you with me?


Your turn now!

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