Tall tales

 I must say, although I love Gavin so much it’s beyond words, his way answering the questions is still highly annoying to me sometimes. I mean, it’s just me, I know. I’m that impatient, I would want to know the exact answer – right away! Sometimes I just, I just… would want to just shake him and make him to blurt it already! Speak out, man! Ha.

I like his stories, though, if the question itself isn’t too intriguing to me. And there’s always something amusing in his answers – when he finally gets there. He kinda starts answering from way behind and the story starts slowly (I mean slowly) escalating, step by step. At certain point of I’ll be wondering that what has this to do with the question asked. Like in this next one, it’s from iTunes sessions and transcripted by me, so my apologies for not catching every word, but I guess you’ll get the point.

Interviewer: Do you remember a few of the albums that you really were excited about, and helped to change your view of music or made you more excited and be like I want to do this?
Gavin: Well, you know, it’s funny, I was never really sure of what the names of the albums were. I knew artists that I liked, I knew the names of the artists. I was never – it’s weird because I never regarded myself of somebody that was on the for front of, you know, of what albums were coming out and, you know, what bands were coming out and which albums and things like that, but I was a big fan of music. It just typically wasn’t the music that was current. That’s why it was, you know, a lot of people I grew up with were wondering, you know, what the hell I was listening to, you know. I remember, you know, getting in the car with buddies of mine and my buddy, Joe, he picked us up to go out on Friday night to some, you know, movies, we go out and have …, you know, kids of the town, you know, one town over and we used to do that every Friday night, and I remember my buddies picked us up and one of my buddie’s father’s station wagon, right, a station wagon, it had wood …. on the side, big, gigantic bomb of a car, you know. And I got in the back seat, all the guys were ……, you know, and they were listening like Wu-Tang, you know, this is back of the day, you know, nobody even knew Wu-Tang at the time, it was underground, you know. And they were like ‘Wu-Tang, hey’, and I was like ‘oh, what is this, you know, don’t you have any Beatles records?’ They were like ‘who?’. They were like ‘ no, man, this car doesn’t play -45’s, bro’, you know. So, you know, it’s one of those funny – culturally it was like, musically what I liked was always very different from, you know, from what was necessarily out of that time, you know. You can’t help what you like. You either like something or you don’t, you know. And that old school music was just that I gravitated towards, you know.

That’s kinda interesting, too, but hey, I wanted to know about the albums he liked, not about this car! Ha. I like his expressive style when he starts to tell what the buddies were saying. I think he should do some acting!

But you know his style of telling his ‘tall tales’ is one reason I like him, though. Ha. I know. I’m a mess. The both ends of the line. All the time.

My husband said when we watched ‘Sweeter’-blu-ray together (um, he watched like 2 songs, he is not fond of G, can’t understand him!): ‘he speaks more than he sings’. Hahah. I laughed, because of what I just wrote above.

Oh, btw, I’m pretty intrigued by astrology as well and I think I can associate this tendency of pretty slow building of stories with his Mercury In Capricorn. Shortly put: Mercury is  representing one’s habits of communication, thinking, and sharing information – Capricorn is very cautious about his actions, wants to make sure, prefers to think first and act later. Build the base with care so that the roof can reach the stars –kind of style.

Do you see similarity in this?

And I couldn’t agree with him more when saying: ‘You can’t help what you like.’ 
You can’t. Liking is something mystical, that just happens. You can’t make yourself like something you don’t. And as impossible it is to stop liking something you do like.

So, if I love Gavin DeGraw, what can I do about it. Keep loving, I guess.

What do you think of his style of telling stories? Is anyone else annoyed and intrigued by it at the same time? What is your favorite story of his you’ve heard?


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