My life according to Gavin DeGraw

I got this fun task for ages ago from a friend. The mission you can try, too, is as follows:

Answer the questions using only names of the songs of one artist chosen by you.

I guess we all know who I am going to pick.


And the questions are:

1. Are you a man or a woman? Sweeter
2. Describe yourself: Untamed
3. How do you feel now? In love with a girl
4. Describe the place you currently live in: You know where I’m at
5. If you could go anywhere, where would you go? Chemical party
6. Your favorite way of travel: Follow through
7. Your best friend: Soldier
8. Your favorite color: Radiation
9. How’s the weather now? Indian summer
10. Your favorite time of a day: Finest hour
11. If there would be a tv-series of you, what would it be called? Mountains to move
12. What does the life mean to you? Meaning
13. Your current relationship: Just friends
14. What’s wrong? Not over you
15. You wouldn’t mind to… Candy
16. You expect your future to bring: Best I ever had
17. You’re afraid of: Heartbreak
18. Your best advice: Make a move
19. If you would change your name, what would it be: Chariot
20. The thought of the day: Who’s gonna save us
21. Your motto: Everything will change
22. How would you want to die? Let it go

It’s actually harder than it would seem. And funnier. Go ahead, give it a try!


Your turn now!

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