The London concert 2014

This was my first ever concert of Gavin DeGraw. Not a virgin anymore. I just thought I could give you a glimpse of what happened.

I was there!

The plans

I can’t remember anymore how I actually found out about Gavin’s tour in Europe, but I remember looking at the dates and sighing all by myself. I thought that bummer, he is not going to come in Finland at all, so I can’t see him. I thought about some of my friends that had gone to some gig in Germany and suddenly I stared the date of the London concert rather differently. I was wondering that maybe, just maybe, just maybe…

I didn’t decide right away, for I didn’t have anyone to go there with. I tried to imagine myself there all alone, and it could have been a possibility – a slight one, but a possibility anyhow. But then I opened my mouth and just asked my bro, J, if he wanted to go with me to London. I expected him to laugh and say that ‘oh well, that’s not gonna happen, sis’, but you know what? He looked at me and said only ‘why?’. I told him it was about Gavin – he didn’t know who he was, but he was interested about London, though.

Those couple of days after that day were tremendously anxious for me. I didn’t know if J was going or not and should I book the tickets or not. I was biting my nails! Sheesh! And when J decided to go with me he still wasn’t sure about the concert. Sigh. How hard could it be to just go? Anyways, on another day I was searching the tickets to the concert, once again, and I was horrified! There read ‘sold out’. Oh my goooodddd! I was all like ‘this isn’t happening to me, this isn’t happening to me’!

The page told me that someone had reserved the tickets and if that someone didn’t finish the order the tickets would be out again. I waited 5 minutes or so and was making desperate plans to go Birmingham instead, but suddenly there were tickets again! There is a god!

Without hesitation I booked two of them and left one for sale. Ha! I almost got the last one of those! So, J needed to come with me in the concert, too.


The long wait

The waiting was long. I was freaking out. Tweeted stuff. Like ‘OMG’ or later on ‘I get the feeling I’m not gonna sleep in three next nights. Or four. Could be four, too.’

I was so freaking out. Not excited, that’s very wrong expression. Freaking out. I stopped in the middle of my walk on the streets and just felt… I don’t know, some unbelievable feeling.  ‘I’m going to London’, I thought. London, oh London.

I love the city. I absolutely adore the city. I had been there before and I just love, love, love it! And with the thought of Gavin DeGraw and London it was like the heaven for me. My god.


And you know, I did. They did. Gavin, and London. Sparks. I miss them both.

The show

Oh, so the fun part! There’s some videos I found from the YouTube of this particular concert later on, just be patient with me, will you?

On the day of the concert we visited London Eye with J, and we got stuck in! You know, the whole damn thing just stopped and after some time there was this announcement telling us that (run, run for your lives…), no not that, sorry, couldn’t help myself. Ha. Telling us that they were suffering from ‘a minor technical problem’. All I could think was ‘oh great, now I’m never going to get to the gig’. Ha. Well, we did get out in time.


The show itself was amazing. Totally magnificent! So great, it’s beyond words. I wrote a poem (I do it a lot) that goes somehow like this (I wrote it in Finnish, so sorry my translation may have lost some of it’s point):

the magical moment
a moment before the fulfillment
a moment
a blink of an eye

The moment when we were waiting, the band was getting on the stage and we were waiting… it was something, I can’t express it. Magical. And magical it was, the whole damn thing. Gavin is… magical.

I was sitting like in the backest of the back row but I could see him better I had anticipated beforehands. I didn’t take any pictures or videos, I wanted to keep this special moment private, to keep it only in my memory. I have regretted that later, but did that, so what can I say. But I enjoyed wholeheartedly.

Afterwards I was stunned. I was overwhelmed. I was in one word degrawed. J laughed at my confusion, but he liked the concert, too. He said actually that ‘that guy is one of a performer’. And I think that was kind a huge compliment from J, if I know my bro at all.

I wrote a blog post of the feelings after the concert. It was my miracle of the year, I guess.

Anyways. Loved it. Truly. The whole set. I was trying to guess the songs he would be playing (put an evidence of it in Instagram, just CLICK), and guessed some. I can’t listen to this next song anymore without crying, for it brings the whole crush of the feelings so brightly back – and it’s extra beautiful. So, some videos from the London concert on 27th Feb 2014 coming up!



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