You give me a good feeling

It seems I can’t keep up with all the good videos I find. I mean, I had this thought that I might comment something about them in this blog, but it seems I find like 5 great videos per day and I should be like constantly blogging if I would want to keep up with them. No complaints, though. This is fun, you know.

 Anyways. The great video for today is this:


My god. That’s something I just keep watching over and over and over again. And again. I mean, isn’t he just adorable? So sweet and so damn young! I just love seeing his energy and just enjoying himself. Very sparkly! I feel good every single time I watch this.  He truly gives me a good feeling! That positive energy is so infectious.

I get the feeling he just loves his life. He loves the attention, he just, I don’t know, glows. How could anyone see this video and be the same anymore? I definitely wasn’t! He is so young, I can’t stop thinking that. So ready and willing and so truly enjoying what he is doing. It feels he is very excited about his thing, and that is the thing that keeps me excited about it, too, I guess.

I mean. Just watch that video again! Don’t you get a bit excited, too?

 And that split!

Holy cow.

And how about this one, another version of the same song. I just love how Gavin gets the audience, you know, on. How he gives everything he has and that honesty and his genuine sincerity of being whole heartedly involved with the flow, that is the thing that keeps the audience giving all it has, too, back to Gavin.

Umm. Yeah, agree. Getting pretty carried away. So, I’ll just shut up and let you watch. Here you go:


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