Let’s sing together!


Do you like singing karaoke? I sure do. I was just having fun at karaoke last night. The only thing that kept annoying me was that there was absolutely none of Gavin’s songs on the list! I mean, come on, that sucks! I would have rocked the place with them. Ha.

One time I almost tried ‘I don’t want to be’ in karaoke, but I wasn’t brave enough. I thought that I don’t want to embarrass me (or Gavin) with my (nonexistent) skills. That if I’d ever do it I should be prepared for it, for I don’t want to ruin the song. Ha.

This reminds me somehow of my daughter who is so in love with some cartoon character that she can’t even look at the tv-program. Yeah, it’s so good it’s too scary to face it. Um. This might be out of the subject kind of thing, but I once saw a huge hawk flying straight towards me and he was soooo magnificent and beautiful that I was afraid. I mean, I didn’t think he would have me for a breakfast, but the beauty was so, overwhelming. That’s one of my things. I’m scared of too pretty people. And my daughter is afraid of too loveable characters.

If I ever get to meet Gavin (fingers crossed!) I would probably just faint. Or run away. Or cry. Can’t choose.

Anyways. Back to singing. Singing is such a fun, and since I was that pissed about the contents of the local karaoke bar’s list, I thought we could have our own karaoke! I found some, that are pretty good ones! What would you say about these? What’s your favorite of these to be sung?

Sing with me! Let’s make Gavin proud of his girls! 🙂


Your turn now!

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