About the blog contents

I have been making plans about this blog. And also been pretty busy so haven’t really got time to write anything. I also thought that I could somehow try to make my blog more easy to use by creating some new pages. I’m not sure if it’s working, let me know!

Anyways, I had in mind that maybe I could do some series of blog posts, and my plans are as follows.




I’ll go through the songs of Gavin that have had some impact on me, had some meaning in them for me. Ha, that should mean like every single one of them. Anyways, I’ll tell you when did I fell for the particular song, how did it make me feel, what did it do to me, what it made me think and did I learn anything new from it.


I’m on a mission to create the ultimate collection of Gavin’s songs. I thought that I could use your help. I’ll put some polls on this blog and you can tell me which songs are your favorites. Later I’ll reveal the results and give you the real collection of degrawement.




This section should include more interviews, his thoughts, quotes from him, actions, decisions, making an impact on the world around -kind of stuff. Something about the man behind the songs, the neverending mission to go and try to get to know him.


It’s not just about his thoughts, songs or personality, right? Let’s just admit it. He’s damn gorgeous! And this part of the blog shall be dedicated to his looks, photos, videos, outfits, way of performing, anything that gives us the feeling that this is my leading man, indeed.




Anything about the sweet people loving the same amazing person. About communities, fan pages, blogs, events, you name it!

If you have encountered something cool you would like to share, please, don’t hesitate at all! I’ll be extremely happy about any info/thoughts/ideas you might have. My info can be found here.


Your turn now!

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