Six years ago


The second, self-titled, album of Gavin DeGraw was released six years ago, on 6th May 2008. Oh, how time flies!

I didn’t know this guy back then, but I remember seeing the video of ‘In love with a girl’. I was sitting on the floor in front of my tv (I used to do that a lot back then, ha! Sitting on the floor, I mean.) and watching this video. I thought that it was like constantly shown on MTV those days, and I was like ‘umm, not sure about this one, what are they doing in the store anyways?’  I might even recall that slight annoyment that I felt for that song, it somehow, I don’t know, I felt that the singer was just some cheeky little dumbass (sorry, Gav!).

Yes, my taste of music has bettered indeed!

I haven’t really watched the video after that, for I feel a bit embarrassed about my thoughts back then and I’m a slightly afraid that I might feel the same annoyment again if I watched it. But, if you’re with me, I think I’ll manage. So, here we go.

I wrote earlier that the album ‘Free‘ gives me space and time for my feelings. It is somehow fragile and soft and deep in the same time. I’m trying to catch what this one gives me, and it’s much more, umm. Energetic, I guess. It makes me smile a whole lot more. I’m always grinning in amuse with the part ‘arguing was always my forte’ . I’m almost compelled to dance (or if in public, just nod my head slightly, ha!) when ‘In love with a girl’, ‘I have you to thank’ or ‘Next to me’ starts playing. I’m enjoying of Gavin’s brilliancy in ‘Relative’. I’m deeply moved with ‘Young love’ and We belong together‘.

It’s always very hard to pick just one! So, I’m gonna give you the chance to tell me what is your favourite(s) from this particular album. Just pick as many as you like, but please, be reasonable 😉 Not really helpful for me on my quest of finding the ultimate Gavin’s songs if you pick all of them!


A quote from Wikipedia’s article about the album in question:

Maverick magazine gave the album four-out-of-five stars, saying it is “resonating rock release and a classic depiction of Gavin’s sentimental views on love and life and champions catchy, lyrical hooks, music with meaning, guitar riffs and a voice that is a real pleasure to listen to.

What’s there to add? A real pleasure, indeed.


Your turn now!

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