You know where I’m at

wpid-20140406_145609.jpgTrue love

This song made me fall in love with the person in question in the first place. It was the very first time I listened my new ‘Sweeter’ album through, I had never heard of Gavin before, and I was going to work soon. The first notes of Sweeter made me smile and dance, and thinking that maybe I didn’t buy this album for nothing. I thought: ‘This is good!’.

I liked the sounds of it. I liked the voice of his. I liked the whole package. Then he started: ‘Well, before you go away I’m gonna give you all that I can say’. And I grinned all by myself, for I was just about to leave home, but I decided to sit down and listen instead. Okay, I thought, keep it coming, mr!

And he did.

When the chorus went ‘the worst is over now’ I was already crying my make-up off. He somehow caught me defenceless, I was so not prepared to hear something like that. I was having some hard times in my life back then and all I could think was: Do you really mean that? Let that be the truth.

I guess that one reason I took it so personally was that situation, the coincidence of the first words, and that I sat down and focused to just listen.

I felt that this song was so full of delicacy that I was missing in my life that it hurt. It was so beautifully put, it was so full of love and longing and respect. I mean, is there anything more beautiful thing to say than ‘you don’t have to look back, but if you ever do, you know where I’m at‘?

I mean. Don’t you agree?

Such a brilliant way of telling that he loves her no matter what and wants her to know that if she wants to give it another try, he’s willing. And in the same time, not pushing or rushing or horning in. He’s giving all the space and time needed for her. That’s the thing what moved me the most, I guess. Just saying the truth with such a delicacy it would have melted my heart. Ha. It did, kind of.

I was late from work that day. Cried off my make-up, remember? Had to put it back on.

This song left me feeling sore and emotional for the rest of the day. I kept listening it trough in my head all over again.


I don’t usually like that much about ‘oh-I-miss-you-so‘ -stuff. It just feels, you know, old. Something I have heard like every time I have turned the radio on. There has to be something extra in it to keep me interested. And Gavin here has done it pretty well. It’s something that’s pretty hard to catch, though I know it when I hear it. Like himself said in one interview: ‘You want to hear certain things from the producers, I guess, but you don’t necessarily know those things you want to hear, but you know when they say them.’

The words, my god, I love words. And the ones who know how to use them. That so obviously counts Gavin in.

What did I learn from this song?

I learned that I love the music by a guy called Gavin DeGraw. I learned that there are different kinds of men in the world. Some of them like this. Amazing. That music can give me strength, hope and make me go through it all. That people can treat others with a great respect and understanding. That there can be freedom in relationships, that actually I should have some in my own, too. I learned that I want to be treated like that.

Just realized that the magic of this song is about being free.

There’s a huge amount of freedom in the song: no obligations, no neediness, no sticking.
Just freedom, acceptance, and love.

Isn’t that what the true love is about?



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