At the same level

This one is one of my favorites (how come I get the feeling I keep saying this in every post?). This really made me think. At first I wasn’t that interested, I thought that I don’t want any kids with G. (Oops, that sounded, umm. A bit… Umm. Focus, now…) I mean, I was in the mood when I wanted to have G all for myself. Do you know that feeling? That I wanted to get intimate with him. (My god, what’s wrong with me today!)

The point I’m desperately trying to make is that I wanted to hear what he is thinking. I wanted to get inside of his head. I wanted the video be totally and overly concentrated on him only. Not any kids. Not any boys or girls. Not any band members. Not any interviewers. All I wanted was Gavin.

But as soon as the video started I was very much into it. For I was impressed by G again. I guess there’s not a one interview that I’m not impressed by him.

The thing I loved the most this time was that he was so much at the same level with the kids.

Now, don’t laugh, I don’t mean that he was acting goofy or being childlish, but taking them very seriously instead. I mean, not being serious, but taking their questions seriously. Like they were the most important thing in the world. And you know what, they were. At that moment they were. For the particular kid they were.

I just love seeing him treating everybody as equals!

It was after this video I tweeted that everytime I think that Gavin just can’t get any more loveable, it’s proved that I’m wrong. So I’m kinda given up on that one.

Questions and answers

Gavin is asked in this video that what does he do when someone criticizes him. He says that as a performer he is taking the risk to be criticized, as everybody who is putting themselves up are doing. He says that he tries to hear what the criticism is about and then he chooses if it is something he wants to work on or not, trying to decipher where is that criticism coming from, is it that someone really cares about what he is doing or is someone just trying to hurt his feelings.

I think, that we should all do just that. It’s just that it isn’t that simple, for me at least. I forget to look at the criticism objectively, all I can think is ‘oh lord, (s)he doesn’t like me!’ Ha. But I guess that is something we all can learn from the experience. One needs to be brave to be able to put oneself in a situation where they can be criticized, just as G says. Indeed. One thing I totally agree with him. And I think one needs wisdom and objectivity when dealing with criticism, too. Wisdom, because the critic isn’t the truth. It’s always about an opinion. Criticism is an opinion, nothing more. You can learn from it, true, and you should, but you shouldn’t let it bring you down, if you feel it in your heart that you’re doing the right thing. Anyone other cannot know the truth in you, your truth. So, keep it up!

Gavin is also asked about 5 steps or rules of becoming a successful singer. And he answers: ‘There are no rules’. He says it’s very plain and simple, if you’re doing what you love, what you feel is right, then you should be doing it. And of course he keeps telling: ‘Go where you are celebrated. And if you’re not celebrated where you are, you go where you are celebrated.’

Very simple. Indeed. Very independent, too. You know, not to think what the others might want you to do or how to act or to sing, but do what you love. And if they don’t like it, it’s not that you’re wrong, it’s just you’re in the wrong place. Only you can know your own truth, only you can be – you.

My god, I love this man. He isn’t just gorgeous and good looking, or sweet and funny, but he is also so damn wise and intelligent. He keeps opening my eyes like every single time I listen to him.

Am I the only one? What do you think?

I think I’m gonna wrap this up for now. Just look at these first, Gavin performing with these lovely kids.




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