Tweeting Gavin


The one thing I like about Gav is that he seems to tweet back occasionally. So, there’s a chance, even how slight and nonexistent, but a chance there is nevertheless, that maybe one day…

Anyways. This time I did some fine research of my own in Twitter and tried to figure out what kinds of tweets are those he seems to tweet back to. Most of the tweets were about his performances, getting excited to going, being ready for him, thanking him doing amazing job, killing it and telling how much fun they had in the concerts.

Well, I did that, too after my first encounter, but that didn’t work, actually. Ha. But I guess there’s countless of amounts of those kind of tweets, it must be hard to choose one. It would be truly intriguing to know what makes him to choose some particular praise for answering! I wonder if it has anything to do with the photo of the Twitter account.

If it was me picking, I would definitely be affected by the photo. And otherwise I think I would just scroll-scroll-scroll-pick. I mean, with no particularly systematical plan for choosing. And, if it was me, I would be tempted to tweet to someone whose face I would have seen before.

And it seems these things pile up. I haven’t been around that long yet, but while I’ve been doing my best fangirling, I have seen @mad4hatter13 get at least 3 tweets. That’s one of a lucky lady!

Other than praising tweets it seems that Gav comments a lot on photos. Specially if they are somehow funny. I tried to add some tweets in this post, but somehow I didn’t succeed. Yeah. Me and computers! Sheesh!

Anyways, couple of tweets I remember seeing were these: in the other was a pic where a guy was clearly sleeping while Gavin was on stage. Gav had commented something like ‘That’s funny’ with several exclamation marks. And it is, ha! I mean, how can anybody sleep in that loud music banging around anyways? Without the question how could anybody close their eyes when there’s Gavin on stage.

The another one was a selfie Gav had probably taken himself where his face is like half way off the pic and his facial expression is, umm, (not finding a good word for explanation) wild. I love the pic! I just wish I would have been able to add it on here for you, too. On this one he had commented ‘Woah, nice selfie!’

One more thing I saw him commenting on: special occasions. I saw him wishing a happy birthday, sending best wishes for someone having a surgery, congratulating someone getting married… he’s just so sweet. Taking his time to make someone’s special day even more special.

Or any day. That’s one thing I respect him for. His love for us. You know. I have never ever seen him acting arrogantly or cocky around his fans. As I wrote earlier, it seems he’s on the same level with each and everyone of us.

One thing to remember if you’re waiting your tweet to pop up: he’s not that wordy in his tweets, so it might just be that you have to settle for little less words, perhaps only two or three.

I think that I would be very, very happy for those two words, too, but in the same time I could imagine myself feeling a bit discontent for if he took his time to start tweeting, it wouldn’t have taken that much more time to use every one of those 140 characters, would it? Ha. I know, yes, it would have. But still… I want it all, you know.

So, Gavin, if planning to tweet me any time soon, please use more than three words. Deal?

If you’re trying to get a tweet from our special guy, this is what you should probably do:

  • Remember to tell how much you had fun with him.
  • Add a (preferably somehow funny) pic of him, or you with him.
  • Have a birthday or any other special occasion.
  • Cross fingers.




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