The best part of Gavin

Today I’m totally degrawed. So, a bit lighter post this time, no deep or profound thoughts today. All I wanna do, is have some fun…

Yesterday I was on pretty decent Friday-mood and I just couldn’t stop thinking of Gavin. It was because of the song Belief and that I was singing it over and over again (when walking on the streets, when I was alone at work, whenever I felt courageous enough – all the time!). As you know, the chorus goes

‘Tonight, you arrested my mind
When you came to my defense
With a knife
In the shape of your mouth
In the form of your body
With the wrath of a god
Oh, you stood by me

And I kept singing especially the part ‘In the shape of your mouth’. And when singing this all over again I was thinking, well, I guess you can guess what. Yes. Gavin. You know, I tweeted a thing or two when on this special mood.

And, you know, I do. Ha. It’s something pretty, umm, captivating to look at. At first, when I was just getting to know the guy, I didn’t like his mouth, I found it somehow disturbing or – I don’t know. I felt uneasy.

Ummh. I might feel uneasy again, nowadays, but for another reason. For I love it too much. Just look at these expressions he can make with it!

Gavin11 wpid-screenshot_2014-04-20-08-37-54.png Gavin5 wpid-screenshot_2014-04-15-21-57-58.png Gavin22 Gavin23 WhenImWashingMyHandsAndTheWaterGetsMySleevesWetGavin25

Though there is no pic on his totally magnificent gesture that he does when he seems to be on pretty good mood, feeling I guess, a bit gloating, enjoying big time. He does something with his tongue and that smile… Uh. I can’t explain what I mean, perhaps you know what I’m trying to say?

Anyways. I was thinking that if anyone asked what is the best part of Gavin, I would have to answer at the moment ‘his mouth’. Ha. And when thinking this, I became pretty curious about you guys. Maybe you could give me your opinion on this, with no doubt, very important and global issue.

If we forget the fact that we love the whole package, including the character, behaviour, voice and all that, what would be the one part you would pick?


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