Long live the Queen

This song was for some time a bit distant to me. The first ones I found were the Sweeter -album songs and after that I started systematically going throught Gavin’s music and fell in love with the Free -album. Belief was kind of a stopgap for me, just another song he had made, and that didn’t actually speak to me that much.

I’ve changed my opinion on that.

It was just a couple days ago that I sang Belief the whole day through – you know, when walking on the streets, when being alone at work, when ever I felt courageous enough to lift my voice. And on the next day my phone was on the same wavelength with me: it kept playing different versions of Belief in row so that I was totally amazed. Ha.

At first when listening this song I thought that ‘I will stand by my belief’ was pretty obvious thing for Aquarian to say. Yeah, I have my thing for astrology, as well.

Shortly put: Aquarius is the wild card of the zodiac, kind of thing. With Aquarius you can – or you should – expect only the unexpected. They seem to want to be true only for themselves, very independent, very special, they can be ingenious, highly intelligent. Their freedom is the one thing they seem to protect over everything else. They are said to be always a bit different from others – either being really ahead of their time and really special and perhaps weird, or being so traditional and cautious that’s strange and different from others. They may seem somehow distant or hard to catch, but in the same time they are the ones who truly care about others, they want to see everybody being treated as equals. Communities are important to them, and they just love sharing ideas and thoughts, and being true to their beliefs.

In any case I’m spotting a whole lot of things in what I just wrote above that match with the image I have of Gavin.

Umm. We were talking about Belief, right? I know, I’m very easily distracted to talk about astrology, for I find it so fascinating. I’m not getting started here.

So, ‘I will stand by my belief’ was the first part that made me smirk. I thought ‘I bet you will’.  Later on I got tangled up with the in the shape of your mouth’-part, for I felt it was somehow, umm, unexpected thing to say, or it somehow seemed to be inconsistent to me with the rest of the song. But, as I just wrote earlier in The best part of Gavin, I grew pretty fast liking it, especially that part of the song.

Off the topic kind of thing, but do you guys have this same thing? That if I fell in love instantly with something I also very quickly get used to it and bored by it. But if at first the thing (what ever it might be) leaves me feeling uneasy or confused or annoyed, it is most likely a sign that I will keep loving it for a very long time if I ever start liking it in the first place.

With Gavin, umm. I fell instantly for the Sweeter. But you know, he keeps changing all the time. Keeping me on my toes, kind of. Making me fall in love all over again. That’s the kind of thing I need. Ha.

Yes. Back to Belief.

The best version to me is this next one. Something quite magical. Love, love, love it.

Still I find it hard to catch. To describe. I love the melody of it, I love certain parts of the lyrics over the others, but the wholeness of it keeps slipping away from me. Somehow it has turned in my mind into a very profound, hidden kind of love song. I love the part ‘Long live the queen and I’ll be the king’. It somehow, that’s so beutifully put, you know. When listening it I get the feeling that this is how everybody feels when in love. That the loved one is as special and important as the queen or the king and me – I’m ruling the world when (s)he is loving me back! It makes me feel valued, well thought of. If anyone would be saying this to me, I would give my royal grace shine on him.

The thing that keeps bugging me is I find it difficult to combine the whole belief-thing with this love story I’m making up in my head. Or could it be that love is the belief? Uhh. Confused. I get the feeling that there is so much more in this song than I’m able to decipher, or understand, I feel somehow so inadequate with this one. I get the feeling that if I would just be able to open up my mind just a tiny bit further, the whole thing would expand into a whole new scenery.

How do you understand this song? What is it that makes it special to you?


5 thoughts on “Belief

  1. This song means different things to different people. I’ve heard him do it live now many times and it’s clear he goes somewhere special in his head/heart when he’s performing it. (And hey … I’m Aquarian too!)

    • I guess that every song has different meaning to different people. I haven’t been lucky enough to hear him do it live (yet), but it sure touches something inside of me I cannot really grab.

      Oh, and just curious: how did you find the Aquarian-part, similarities in you?

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