I’ve just watched a video where Gavin says: “Music may not heal anybody, but music can be medicine.”

And I agree. My god, I agree so totally. I’ve used music for a medicine so many times I have stopped counting. You know. Nowadays it has been most likely Gavin’s music, but there are others, too. I remember listening Linkin Park – or playing it to the fullest, so loud I thought my hearing just went off – after some very hard situations in my life. I lost something very precious to me, and I eased my pain when letting someone else shout it out for me, when I was kinda unfunctional. So, medicine.

I’ve been feeling sad, frustrated, meaningless – and let Gavin or someone else (Darren Hayes was good one a long time ago) lift me up with their voice, their emotions, let them carry me. Make me to be able to cry even if I thought it would never be an option, and in that way relieve my anxiousness, my pain.

You know, everybody hurts. I warmly recommend to use music as a medicine. It will help, I promise you!

There was a time when I thought that living without music would be, umm, somehow dry. I’m not sure if I can  explain. That music gives so much life in my life that it would be unimaginable to even try to live without it. Later on there were times when I didn’t do music at all, I had all kinds of other things to be done, and it seemed I didn’t have time for it. But nowadays I make time for it. You know.

Thank you, Gavin, for bringing me back to music! Bringing the music back to me. I’ve missed it so bad.

Music can make things happen. It has something very magical in it, you know. It can carry feelings, it can influence us, our thinking, our minds, our lives. It brings us together, it gives us reason to be together, allow us to be friends with others we don’t know at all, but, you know, if they like the same kind of music as I do, there’s no danger in them, right? They must be pretty cool ones, right?

But if it is medicine, doesn’t it mean it could do some healing, as well? When lifting up our spirit it gives us strength to fight the illness, or the sadness, or the misery. Maybe it’s in us, the thing that actually does the healing part, but I could easily imagine that the music makes it happen. Gives the strength, the rain for us. So we can grow. To be better human beings, more complete, more ourselves.

Couple of words form mr. DeGraw, and I’m getting all philosophical already. See? This is the one reason I love him so much.

Oh, and thanks for the cure, G.


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