Happy birthday!

Yeah, I have my birthday today, so I thought to brighten up myself – and everyone else who have their birthday today, or any day soon, or have had their birthday lately.

wpid-1402297470351.jpg (Photo by @suus_1979)

I had a fun party on Saturday, though it seemed that everything went wrong. Let me make a list for you from it all:

  • 1) I was staying with my bro for a night and someone had stolen his sheets from the clothesline
  • 2) I forgot my hairbrush and all the other hair-equipment back home – so no fancy hairdos then
  • 3) The other one of the earrings I was planning to use was missing
  • 4) The shower broke down
  • 5) I dressed up very summerishly – and the weather went just mad! Dark clouds and rain and wind – of course
  • 6) We went into a restaurant with friends – and we waited for the food 50 minutes (yes, sitting outside on the terrace and feeling pretty damn cold with my warm clothes)
  • 7) The check was wrongly calculated and we needed to change it, so we had to wait another 30 minutes to be actually able to pay for our food
  • 8) My fav night club was closed – just the one I was planning to go (but I still got a chance to sing some karaoke and do ‘I don’t want to be’ at least)
  • 9) And last, but not least: Gavin didn’t wish me happy bday.

But, on the other hand, pretty many things went very well, too. Another list for you:

  • 1) The weather was amazingly gorgeous the whole day (before I dressed up for the party that is)
  • 2) The company was great, I got a chance to see some friends I hadn’t seen for a long time and have fun
  • 3) I found two pairs of beautiful summer shoes – for a prize of 7 euros!
  • 4) My lovely GGs remembered me so generously I was totally honored and happy and, yes, very degrawed 😉
  • 5) I managed to shower before it broke down, ha! (No, I didn’t brake it.)
  • 6) I played MarioCart with my bro and actually won one of the games! (I know, I suck.)
  • 7) For some reason there was no entry fees to the night clubs we went into
  • 8) I got lucky at the BlackJack table, and won some nice chips! I should’ve been in Vegas, right?
  • 9) It started to rain, but only when we were almost back home, so we didn’t get wet (much)!

And the number of these lists is of course the date of my bday. Ha.

Anyways. If someone is having their special day, I want to wish you a very, very happy day and may it be filled with a lot of happiness, love and degrawement!



This next video I recieved from @kathysides319 made me melt. It seems he’s singing it for me, personally. Or anyone who is watching, actually. But hey, it’s my bday, so it has to be me, right?



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