This man seems to really like hats. It’s a rare occasion to see him without one.

And, actually, it feels to me a bit, you know, too intimate nowadays to see him without it. I once tweeted that looking at Gavin DeGraw hatless is, yes, intimate, and it’s like he’s naked without it. Well, don’t you agree? It’s something that’s so much in his character, that if I’m completely honest with you, I’m not even able to say that I would recognize him without his hat if seeing him suddenly on the street. What a miserable fan am I…

Yesterday I happened to end up into a web page where it was told that Gavin would have said sometime that the reason he’s wearing a hat is only that he thinks it’s easier to wear a hat than deal with his hair. Ha. I don’t know if that’s true or not, but that was amusing thing to read. I was thinking something like ‘yeah, tell me about it!’  I have a naturally curly hair and it has its own mind pretty much every day, and I’m ripping it off with frustration when trying to make it look something else than just a huge mess. But I’m not that lucky that Gavin – I also look ridiculous in a hat. Sigh.

But Gavin. Hats suit him, very well. I wonder, just wonder, how many different hats he might have. Hmm. Could it be like me and my shoes? Ha, well, I guess he would win that competition with his left hand.

Is there a type of hats you haven’t seen on him? In that web page I ended up yesterday (and forgot the address, how else) it was told that Gavin is not that picky with his hats. And it truly seems to be like that, he’s wearing as much as beanies, caps, hats with visors or without, oldies, modern ones, you name it. I didn’t even know that many types of hats existed!

Let’s take a look of some different hats he has been wearing, shall we? What is your favourite?

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