On the road again…

“I love being on the road”, he says. And man, I must admit, that he’s pretty much supposed to be with that kind of a schedule! There’s something almost every single day!

As a fan I absolutely love this, that he is taking his time to be on the road, meeting people, giving and sharing of himself. And in the same time I feel slightly worried that this is going to get too rough. But, if he loves what he’s doing, then there shouldn’t be anything stopping him, right?

I tried to imagine the situation where I would be travelling around the world, spending a night or two in the same city and then buggering off again… but I really cannot get the feeling of it. I mean, I love to travel! The first instinctive thought of mine was, oh boy, so do I (love being on the road), but then again, on the other hand, never getting a solid ground anywhere… It must be wearing, too!

Anyways, I found this trailer a pretty good one. Made me want to do my gigs already! And there they were, in the very bottom of the list! 20th and 22th September, London and Amsterdam. Can’t wait!

When are yours?

The next video is about Gavin’s thoughts about performing live. I though it would go nicely along with the subject. This is one of my favorites (see, I said that again!), he is being so sincere, so honest, so open, so true. And his voice – I could listen him talking all day long!


Your turn now!

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