Sneak peek!

Spoiler alert! If you really want to save it till you see him for yourself, you really shouldn’t be reading this! Close your eyes and just walk away! You can do it!

If, on the other hand, you can’t help it, here you go. A sneak peek through on going tour and the setlist!





@Sing4MeGavin posted a lot videos from the San Diego concert on 15th June 2014 and I thought to share them with you. (Thank you!) But first, the one thing the whole twitterverse has been sizzling about lately.

The long awaited setlist

  • Leading man
  • Chariot
  • Sweeter
  • Heartbrake
  • //
  • Follow through
  • We belong together
  • Best I ever had
  • //
  • Where the streets have no name/Everything will change
  • Radiation/Rich girl
  • Soldier
  • In love with a girl
  • Finest hour
  • I don’t want to be
  • //
  • Make a move
  • Not over you


The first impression for me was both great excitement and a slight disappointment. At first I was all like ‘Whoah, that starting is so gonna rock!’ But thinking it over again I have to say that I’m not sure how ‘Leading man’ will do as the first song, it was so amazingly great in the end, but on the other hand ‘Make a move’ is better later on, too, I guess. I’m a bit worried that ‘Leading man’ will lose some of it’s magicality for everybody is not just yet ready for it. I don’t know. You who were there, tell me!

It’s good to have ‘Sweeter’ on the list again! Oh, and ‘In love with a girl’! Good, goodgoodgood.

The disappointment part: where’s ‘Every little bit’? And why, oh why ‘Not over you’ is always the ending song? I have nothing against it, but I have heard it like thousands of times and I’m getting a bit, umm. Can I even say this? Bored. There. Said it.

I would have liked something like ‘Belief’ or ‘Free’, too, for ‘Follow through’ and ‘We belong together’ were there last time, too.

Well, I’m not going to see him any time soon, so maybe the setlist will look different when the September finally comes. Who knows.

But this one sure looks fun! I know that it all will be just good. Oh, no, not ‘just good’, I mean amazing, spectacular. Someone once said that Gavin could be singing phone book and it would still be amazing. Ha. I agree.

I wish I would be seeing this happening already! If you are going, enjoy! As it could be possible do something else, when it comes to Gavin, right?

Okay. Now, I shall pretend I’m in one of his gigs. Who’s with me? And the story goes…



Thanks again @Sing4MeGavin, for sharing these brilliant pieces and let us, who can’t do much more than wait (im)patiently, to have a peek and at least imagine…


What would have you wanted to see on the setlist? Would you have changed something?



Your turn now!

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