Is there something Gavin DeGraw can’t do?

He’s pretty talented, this guy of ours. Just posted previously a list of his skills and magic (just CLICK), but this time I’m wondering if there’s something he can’t do.

I’ve seen him doing a split, spinning hula-hoop (and this particular skill makes my 4-years-old daughter very much impressed), falling off a fence and keep singing, playing piano with eyes closed… and the list continues. So, there must be something he can’t do, right?

I found it amusing when @charity1224 tweeted on this next video clip that she needs to comment on Gavin’s inability of quickly answering questions. This is a rapid fire q&a, for god’s sake. Ha. No offence, I love his style, though I’m sometimes pretty impatient to find out what’s the point. But usually I respect that he takes his time when answering, it gives me the feeling that he cares about what he is about to say, not just blurting anything that comes into his mind.

Not to say this clip gives us huge amount of miscellaneous trivia that’s always interesting!

But anyways, if there’s something he can’t do, maybe quick answers would be one?


Your turn now!

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