How the band has “changed” a fan’s life

If there’s something bugging me right now it is these quotation marks. I have been so pissed and so willing to let go of all this crap after I read this comment. That they don’t have time listening for a billionth time through how the band has “changed” a fan’s life. Yeah. Exactly. “Changed”.


I know this is not exactly linked to Gavin, but in a way I’ve used to think that he has changed my life. And now there’s this somebody telling me and everybody else that they (celebs) don’t have time for it, nor it is anything meaningful to them anyways. I’d like to think that Gavin is not like that, but hey, how could I know?

It just hit me. Hard.

I mean, does this comment mean I don’t have the right to say it? Or that it is only my imagination, it’s not true? Or it has no meaning, that’s for sure, anyways, for anybody else than me. Should I stop telling that, then?  Why am I blogging anyways? What am I trying to achieve with this? Prove that the music has “changed” my life? What’s the point? At this moment I’m so done.

But there’s no way telling me that the music has not changed my life. It has. And okay, I know now that I won’t ever be able to say it without making a total fool of myself, because all of the others who have said it before me, so I won’t say it when I do m&g with G. I promise you, I won’t. He has heard it like gazillion times, what does he care. Ha. So, I’ll keep my big mouth shut, damned.

That was the one thing I was planning to say. I have to admit that. I was so arrogant to think it would have some meaning in it. That maybe he would be happy to hear how his music has been affecting my life, and making me more whole as a person, more as I am, more like the true me. It has done that to me, that is the fact that doesn’t change even though how pathetic it would sound when said out loud. So, I won’t say it. Period.

It’s just funny how some little things can really get under my skin. This time it wasn’t even a hint of Gavin, but just these freaking quotation marks.



4 thoughts on “How the band has “changed” a fan’s life

  1. i highly doubt gavin would ever take for granted being told that he or his music has changed someones life. thats a heavy thing and he has said many times that he chose music because of its effect on people and how he considers it to be medicine. naysayers will be naysayers. gavin has nothing but pure love for each and every one of his fans and you will absolutely not regret telling him that he has changed your life. if you havent met gavin before you will understand when you do.

    • Thank you for your kind words! I haven’t met him before but the image i have of him is more like what you just said. I would be very much disappointed if it was otherwise. One thing i love him for is his respect for his fans. Just feeling somewhat blue at the moment.

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