Happy to see him happy


Ahh. This time I’m just feeling so happy and in love after seeing this video. Just watch it and tell me you’re not happy, if you can!

I mean, I needed to watch this like 5 times through in replay immediately. And did I say earlier that I have been gotten used to this song, get tired of it or something? Well. Apparently I’m not. Ohh, man! I so much *love* to see him this happy! It makes me so ridiculously happy, too, it’s… uhh.

I guess I kinda like this guy.

My 4-years-old watched this video with me and in the end I said: “Bye, bye, Gavin.” She said: “Oh, I can give Gavin back to you.” Then – yes – she pressed replay. Haha. I appericiate her thought! And she asked me why are the people screaming. I told her that’s a way telling him that they love him. And when watching the video again – she screamed, too. ❤ Ohh, I love my girl. It’s kinda funny that we share this huge infatuation for this certain man. She has been asking me when is she old enough to come with me in Gavin’s concert. She has been telling me that she would like to get ‘very close to Gavin’ – what ever that means. She has been asking me questions about his girlfriends and where does he buy his hats – and does he take it ever off.

We have very interesting conversations, that’s true!

But okay, back to this video. Gavin is so happy in it, having so much fun. I can’t help it but just smile, smile, smile till my cheeks hurt! And I got tears in my eyes, for I was so happy for him. Am I being all ridiculous? Well, let me tell you, I don’t care. Ha. I just love him way too much to care.

And, his little dance in the end is just charming.

If you need a reason to be any more in love with Gavin than you already are, this is it. Just look at his face when the crowd sings along. My god, I didn’t even know I could love him more than I already did. But, yeah, I’m constantly proved wrong – there is always some more love for him.

Don’t you agree?


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