11 years of living in a dream

Today is the 11th anniversary of the album Chariot, the very first one, the one that started this huge journey of his.


The photo credit goes to my dear GG, @mad4hatter13.

Congrats, Gavin!

When going through the track listing for this one, I feel slightly overwhelmed. I mean, I just made the poll that follows, (If you could tell me your favorites from this one, I would be very happy!) and I was thinking like constantly: ‘Oh, so this is in Chariot-album. Oh, and this. And this! All the great ones in one!’

Let me show you what I mean.

The very beginning of the album is like a sign from above:

“This is a start of something good, don’t you agree?”

Indeed. It has been a start of something very special and very precious. And still, after 11 years, it makes me smile. And:

“You make me want to spread my arms and fly.”

Indeed again. He does that to me. And I guess I’m not the only one. Chariot is something very difficult to catch and still it finds it true place in my heart. Makes me feel good. Loved. Somehow. And the story goes:

“But now I know better from his fingers in your hair.”

Nowadays I feel like putting your fingers in someone’s hair is so very intimate thing to do. And I guess this song has something to do with it. And there’s more:

“I just found someone special and it’s really something special.”

Indeed. Ha. I’ve found my Gavin. And that’s really something special! And this:

“I think I like you — I’m jing-a-linging from here to the ceiling.”

With no doubts I will be after couple of months. And I think I like him. Ha. That’s very true. I like singing this one with him. Makes me, umm. Feel a bit partyish. And – the Stripped version! Ahh! Love, love, love it. I just, I can’t get enough of his voice. His jamming. His flow of thoughts and, well, yes, voice. And the next thing you know:

“Long live the queen and I’ll be the king.”

Ohhh. Belief. Ohh. There’s no words. I love. I freaking love this one! It’s so damn beautiful. So profound. So sensitive. So open, pure and … still leaves me with some questions not answered. Did some pondering about it previously, so just CLICK. And then:

“You have to try it, if you’re ever really gonna know.”

Yeah. Wise words from the man who makes me think with just one or two words of his. If you want to know, you just have to try it. You have to. Otherwise you’ll be just assuming things. And you can’t live your life just assuming, can you? But wait, there’s even more:

“I’m tired of looking ’round rooms wondering what I gotta do or who I’m supposed to be.”

My personal motto since I first became infected by G. DeGraw. Or, maybe not this line is the actual motto, but this made me think. A lot. Who I’m supposed to be. I’m not supposed to be anything other than me. And that’s it. The end of the line. You know? Did some scribbling about this one, too, just CLICK. But, it doesn’t end here. See:

“Sometimes the only way is jumping, I hope you’re not afraid of heights.”

Sometimes it is. The only way. And maybe the jump can make you fly after all. Love this. And the next one:

“And when I kiss your soul, your body’ll be free.”

Kiss my soul, go ahead. When ever! I just, ahh. These words, they do something to me. I guess his voice keeps kissing my soul all the time. Keeps setting my mind free. Me. Ahh. Have I told you that I think I like Gavin? Well, I do. One more:

“Oh, if you were mine. What would we be like?”

That is the question. Haha. I absolutely adore the Stripped version of this one, too. It’s just, something, ahh. So… can I say… real?

So, a good one after a good one. Right? And now the hard part follows: your favorites? If had to pick just one, my god. I don’t know. I really don’t! And this time I do mean it!

See: I so much love ‘Chariot’, I love equally as much ‘I don’t want to be’, but ‘Belief’ is something so beautiful it makes me cry every single time – and ‘More than anyone’… And somedays I just need this ‘Chemical party’ vibe, and these lyrics from ‘Over-rated’ and ‘(Nice to meet you) Anyway’.Well, okay, I guess if I had to pick just one, today it’ll be this one:

No, thank you very much, Gavin!

Now it’s your turn. Pick your favorite(s)!



Your turn now!

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