Why not?



This has been becoming my new motto lately. Wait, it has something to do with Gavin, I promise! Just read this introduction of a song, will ya?

Well, this is what we’d like to call the booty shaking segment of the show. Now I don’t particularly care if you’re good or not good at shaking your booty. That really has nothing to do with it. See, I don’t know if I’m particularly good at it, but that does not prevent me from trying. Cause booty shaking is a lot like pizza, even when your booty shaking is bad, you know, somebody is still gonna think it’s pretty good. So it does not concern what your booty shaking looks like. This could be a good opportunity to turn to somebody you know and say: excuse me while I shake my booty. It might be a good opportunity to meet up with somebody and go shaking your booty with, see? Now this song is about one of the three most important things in life. Cause we all need love, and secondly we all need good food, and third we all need money. Now this song is strictly about cash. When I heard this song I thought to myself, well, that’s pretty fundamental, but I’m gonna do it anyway, cause why not?

And this introduction belongs to the next one, obviously. Though I didn’t find any video including the three last words I needed, so this is just the song. I just love his booty shaking, ha!

“But I’m going to do it anyway, because why not.”

Yes, indeed. Why not?

We humans are sometimes pretty talented in making excuses. We can’t do something because we are busy, we have better things to do, we have previous engagements, we have other plans, we haven’t done it before, we don’t like it, we think that others might find it stupid, we don’t have enough money, courage, experience, time, friends, cars, pets… what ever! You know what I speak of, right?

And these restrictions are getting on my nerves sometimes. You know, many of these are just our own creations, the things that are stopping us are just something inside our heads. The limits we have decided to put on ourselves. Mostly it’s not someone else’s fault or that someone else is stopping us achieving our goals. I have started to believe that there is only one person in the world who is actively working against my best intentions. And that person is me.


Lately this sentence of Gavin has been really making me think. See? He always does that, it doesn’t have to be some deep and profound thought, but just this is enough: “Why not.”

Saying these two tiny words in my mind suddenly gives me a whole new perspective on things. If I want something, why not? If I’m planning to travel to London alone, why not? If I’m terrified singing in public, but I love it anyways, so why not?

Somehow, it gives me a brand new attitude towards things. Like life isn’t that death serious anyways, so why not? Give it a try! And you’ll find out was it good or wasn’t it. And then you’ll know. That’s all.

“But you have to try it, if you’re ever really gonna know”, right?


My god, I think I like this Gavin DeGraw -guy.




Your turn now!

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