We got Gavin

I just found out this new song and I so much love it that I’m writing an extra short blog post from work (umm, from my lunch brake, actually). Have you heard this already?


Stole this pic from Facebook, from the Fans of Gavin DeGraw.

I listened this through and got some tears in my eyes. You know, this is the thing. I’m so overly happy to have Gavin to do this to me. His music always lifts me up if I need to be lifted, and it calms me down when I’m freaking out. It gives me strength and hope. It always does the trick for me.

I think this is the most perfect song for it. I got Gavin. And so do you.

(Sorry, can’t add YouTube video with this crappy phone. And if there’s some spelling mistakes, blame on my phone, too.)

Here’s the link, though.

You got me


Your turn now!

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