Dreaming of…

Do you know when you can call yourself officially degrawed? Yess. When you see dreams of him at night without constant overdose.


I tried to do some research in Twitter about dreams we see about Gav, but I didn’t get that many replies. I’m not sure if it is because of the type of the dreams or was I just ignored. Anyways, a couple of dreams I got and I thank you guys for sharing them with us all!

Here they are:

@Suus_1979 wrote: Mine isn’t so interesting. I dreamed I took him to the airport after a concert. It was a a very nice drive 😉

And me? Well, I can give you something more.

*In one of my dreams G was coming to my house for a private gig just for me and my friends. They were late, though, and I was totally nervous about it, but ended up sharing the stage with him.

*In another one we climbed on the top of the lighthouse and he protected me from something evil that was chasing us.

*Yet another: Gavin tweeted me! He wrote me a long (at least 3 normal sized tweets in one) one where he told me that he appreciate everything I have done for him and that he is very much looking forward to our meet&greet. Sweet.

*And more: I was waiting in the line to do my m&g with him and I was amused and terrified at the same time, for I realized that I did *not* remember a single one thing I would have wanted to say to him.

*And the latest: I got to know Gav before he was famous, and he was living in Sweden (?), but he didn’t want to have anything to do with me. Bummer.

No, no, sorry, that wasn’t the latest! This was: I was late from my m&g! I was desperately trying to find the place where it was supposed to be, but never got there in time, and missed it! Argh! So terrifying! I was very, very relieved to wake up and realize that it was just a dream!

But usually when waking up from a gavindream, the feeling is more like happy and in love -kind of thing. When not being able to hang with him in real, the dreams at night are the next best thing, right?


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