15 days of Gavin DeGraw: Day 3

Day 3: Favorite Gavin song

Um. Can I just say all of them? Or how about the song called ‘I’m in love with the leading man untamed next to me stealing every little bit where you are’? Ahh. I see. There are rules. Unfortunately.


I gave this question some time and thought it through. I love so many of them, but I have to admit there are different vibes in them that makes me gravitate more towards some and less towards some other ones. And then there are these special occasion -songs that do fit in certain circumstanses and moods better than in others. Some of them I love mostly because of their lyrics and some of them I enjoy wholly, some of them I just let the music flow and the beat to beat me, kind of. Ah. Some of them I love seeing live. No, that was wrongly put. I absolutely love seeing anything from Gavin live. Anything.

He is such a live performer that I haven’t ever seen one before! Huge talent.

But just one favorite song? That is not a fair question, is it? I have been trying to pick one favorite song from every album, but that has been hard, too. And now the question is about…

Then again, the choise wasn’t that troublesome after all. I very quickly came up with these candidates:


But to be completely honest with you none of these actually was the right choise. Instead the award of the most favorite song of Gavin DeGraw goes to this next one:


Well, the song itself is a pretty decent one, right? It never gets old. And the thing it has done to me is something spectacular. I’ll always have my thing for this one. Thank you, Gavin, for changing my life. I appreciate it, truly.



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