This is how you make a hit song

It’s easy. It seems to be. Some chord progressions just work, he says. And… I was totally blown away with this video! The secrets it reveals are just mind blowing. Ohh. Never thought it that way. Just see yourself.

I mean. Wow!

I don’t know. I thought that I would have something to say about this, but apparently I’m speechless. Again. Man, he’s good at it!

I would let him to come and teach me to do some music any time. I love the way he speaks, I love the sudden singing (also in interviews),  I love his singing voice but I also so much love his speaking voice, too.

And now I think I have been overdosing way too much today. Need to stop.

Just wanted to share this with you. I was totally  mesmerized and had chills. Yeah. He has this kind of an effect on me. How about you?


Your turn now!

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