15 days of Gavin DeGraw: Day 4

Day 4: The favorite album

At first I thought i wouldn’t be able to choose at all. I mean, I love them all. They are different from each other and that is the reason I love them all, you know. I love to see Gavin doing different things and mastering it all.


But then I started to think this over and it was pretty soon that I realized that there is only one that I can pick. I must admit that it could change, I usually change my opinion on things based on my mood, so depending on that it shifts. Sometimes I like something else better and sometimes the other one.

I usually listen Gavin from my headphones. I have my own playlist of his songs and they’re all mixed and so when listening I don’t usually do it one album at a time, but rather a song by song, randomized. But there is this one album I do prefer to listen in it’s wholeness. When listened through it gives it’s magic. They’re good songs even separatedly, but together they are just amazing.

I once wrote that I didn’t even know it was possible to enjoy music this much. That when listening through this album I had goose bumps all over me. And I mean, literally, all over me. Not just on my arms as I usually have them when enjoying the music enough, but I had them on my back, on my legs, on my freaking toes! It was amazing, I was so swept away, I was flying somewhere so high it was… I can’t explain it.

This one resonates with me, in me. It touches my soul.

Most likely I will be crying at some point. The feeling, the emotions, the gorgeous voice. That’s all I need. And for that, my favorite Gavin DeGraw album must be Chariot – Stripped.



Your turn now!

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