15 days of Gavin DeGraw: Day 5

Day 5: With or without stubbles & hat

So, I guess this is the time to team up, you know. Team Scruffy vs. Team Shave. The hat is yet another thing.

My team is absolutely and with no doubts whatsoever Team Scruffy. Ahh. I so much enjoy watching any man with stubbles. Let me underline it for you: any man. I’m not actually exaggerating. There’s just something in men with stubbles. I just can’t help it. And when the man is someone as gorgeous as our own Gav, it’s inevitable to almost seize breathing with pics like this:




So, Team Scruffy it is for me.

The hat, then. It’s somehow so deeply rooted in my image of Gavin that seeing him without the hat is almost like seeing him naked!

When I saw my first video of hatless Gavin I was feeling pretty damn uneasy. For the reason mentioned above. Ah. You see, I felt somehow too close to him. Like I was getting too intimate, that I wasn’t supposed to look at him when he was bare headed. Ha, I know. It sounds mad, but that’s what I felt.

And you must admit that he looks pretty different without his hats, doesn’t he? I might be a really bad fan, but I’ve been wondering if I would even be able to recognize him if he walked me by on the street unexpectedly without his hat! So I guess we need to hope that’s not gonna happen, right?





Oh, oh, and this! I love this one!


Though this last pic makes me a bit unsure about my choise here, the conclusion still is: I guess I’m more used to see my Gavin with his hats and stubbles.

Anyways. This was the video that made me go uneasy. It’s gorgeous.




Your turn now!

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