He did it again

Yes. Our guy. Our amazing, kind, thoughtful, inspirational guy.


Did what you might ask. Well. Made me cry. Think. Fall in love. Feeling touched.

I stole this quote from @mad4hatter13 ‘s instagram. Posting with my phone so here’s just the quote:

I strongly believe that living is dreaming. And when you stop dreaming you stop living. And you can’t stop living because that’s what makes you happy. And that happiness, ultimately, is what we’re all after. Is it not? – Gavin DeGraw

And I have been thinking about this lately. My friend told me just a couple of days ago the same thing.

If you stop dreaming, you’re not living, you could as well be dead. And me, i have preached about it sometimes, too. That dreaming is one thing making us humans, being able to see better things, goals, something meaningful.

Sometimes when the life keeps getting tough it’s easy to forget. I have been thinking that it would be so much easier to live without dreams. Just endure, day after day after day. Easier, perhaps, but it wouldn’t be living.


You got that one right, mister.

I think i’m going to listen to him


Your turn now!

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