15 days of Gavin DeGraw: Day 8

Day 8: Favorite video

Okay. This time it wasn’t even hard. It was impossible. I played with the thought that I should do the same that @mad4hatter13 did. Shared the whole lot of videos, a real playlist full of Gavin. I have mine, too, but instead I tried to obey the rules. Anyways, she gave me an idea for this, though my list is a bit shorter as hers.


As I said it was impossible, so I bend the rules just a bit. So, here goes! The favorite video(s) of Gavin DeGraw and a short explanation why.


My favorite official Gavin DeGraw video:

I love this one. Somehow, it’s getting my mind whirling a bit. It’s a sexy one, and it’s a good song, too. The first time I watched this with my 4-year-old I felt embarrassed. She was asking me all kinds of questions and I was blushing. Ah. ‘Is that Gavin’s car? Who is that girl? How come he is able to carry the girl? He must be very strong. Why do they go on the bed?’ And so on, and so on.

Anyways, I love this one. Why? I like the energy in it. The having fun -part. And – he’s looking pretty damn good in that golfer outfit, don’t you think?


My favorite video from the concert I was:

Love, love, love, love this! This is something so extraordinary it’s impossible to say with words. I guess that part of this video’s magic comes from the fact that I was there. I was in the very same room with Gavin freaking DeGraw when he sang this. When I was moved by this song combination for the first time.

And nowadays, I’m not able to watch this without the huge rush of feelings, and most likely I’m about to cry. So beautiful, so amazing. If I would have decided to pick just one video as I might should’ve done, this one would have been near the top. Very near.


My favorite hatless video:

Sheesh. It was just a couple days ago I shared this video before in this blog. But a little replay does not any harm, does it? I mean. Look at him. Listen to him. Wow. This is the reason I love Gavin DeGraw. One of them. More to come.

My most favorite song for a long, long time. My blog kinda got it’s name from this one, as you might have guessed. Ha, it’s pretty obvious, really. But this song made me think that I might not be out of my mind or totally lost cause after all, if I’m not able to settle myself in the middle, but rather being the feather and the stone.


My favorite interview:

Another reason for my love. I mean, have you ever heard someone other talking this openly, sincerely, being so true and so… I’m running out of words, you know. I tweeted that I feel honored to be able to see him speaking like this. It makes me feel he wants to share something pretty personal with me, anyone who’s watching, but it is so sincere it’s like he is talking only to me, you know. I don’t know do I make any sense, but this one. This is so my fav.


My favorite funny Gavin:

Oh yes. Seen this a couple of times. And still makes me laughing out loud. I just can’t hold it back. One reason for my love, again.

I used to have this kinds of ‘hey-let’s-look-around-and-pretend-we’re-showing-these-very-ordinary-everyday-life-items-to-someone-who-is-watching-in-amaze’-things with one of my friends. So, I guess I find a common ground with G here. Haha. Just love, love it.


My favorite rocking-around-the-place video:

Well, okay, I’m not so sure if this would be the most favorite of my rocking-around-the-place videos, but I couldn’t search any further after spending several hours in YouTube after my bedtime. But, anyways, me likes. This song makes me feel the, hm, the attitude, the rockstar.


My favorite take-my-breath-away video:

Oh yes. So degrawed, so completely. This is so beautiful, so huge talent. I’m amazed. Just listen to his voice. Look at him. How could anybody not be touched with this? With the emotion. The ultimate way to take my breath away.

Just made someone to listen this song from my phone and I was happy and content when he showed a decent amount of respect to the song. I saw a tweet where was said that it’s important to know what songs cannot be spoken over. And this is one of those.


My favorite happy Gavin:

Ahh. My goodness, I think I love him. Just look at his face when the crowds sings along! It makes me so happy that it’s getting all ridiculous! I thought that I had gotten used to this song, but to this version I’m not. At all. Wow! Makes me feel so good! Watch it and tell me you’re not smiling if you can! I bet you can’t.


My favorite sexy Gavin:

Amen to that. I was struggling to find a decent video for this category and I decided to wait a bit longer to find something. And like a gift from above @voorhis_connie posted this in Twitter! Thank you so much, girl! I tried to find a video of Leading man with the certain move, but I couldn’t. This is even better.

Damn, he’s one of a sexy thing. Agree?


My favorite young Gavin:

Ahah! Love this! As you might see, I just can’t pick one, because I so love these all! This is one of those videos that makes me really feel good, it surely gives me a good feeling. Ha! And Gav is so illegally young in this! And, yes, I’m smiling again. You?


My favorite cover song video:

This is beautiful. I will get tears in my eyes with this one. It’s amazing how Gavin can take any song and make it sound like his own. He’s taking the song, growing it inside of him and then releasing it with a whole new aspects in it.

I love listening him to sing just about anything. Someone in Twitter once said that he could be singing the phone book and it would still be amazing. Yeah, it just might.


My favorite close-up Gavin video:

Umm. This made me go all nuts. It made me feel like I was actually there, in the freaking front row, so close I could just reach out my hand and… ohh. Sweet lord.

I guess that all my favorites have something in common. Ha, yes, Gavin, but that’s not the point I’m trying to make. It’s the feeling. All of these make me feel something. Something deep and huge.

It’s called love, isn’t it?

But it isn’t just that. It’s something way more. It’s impossible to describe with words. All I can do, is keep feeling. Are you with me?



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