15 days of Gavin DeGraw: Day 9

Day 9: Gavin should collaborate with…

Am I being dull when saying that I think he is best being alone?


I remember thinking after first listening through the album Make a move, that oh dear, Gav, what have you done. This is so not you. This is someone else, not my Gavin anyways. Not the amazing vocalist with ingenious lyrics and always something surprising coming. Well, yeah, it was a surprise, the whole album, for me. I was for a long time (like 10 listenings through) still not sure about that one.

I even tweeted that he should’ve stayed alone – musically speaking.

But I just saw an interview where Gavin said that developing is the key. That he doesn’t want to be remembered from something very similar. That the worst thing anyone could say about his music is: ‘If you’re heard one Gavin DeGraw album, you’ve heard them all.

And what really made me grin all by myself when watching was when he said that the new album (Make a move) might take several listenings through before it’s somehow merged into the others. Ah, he didn’t say that about merging, it’s my own interpretation. I guess he used the phrase ‘bringing fans with you‘, but anyways what he did say, was that it might have to be listened several times through.

And I did. There was something intriguing in it, that made me go through it all over again. And more I listened to it, more I started to like it. He brought me with, alright.

Um. Off the topic. Yeah, I’m easily distracted.

But at that time I would have said happily and without a second thought that Gavin should collaborate absolutely with nobody.

Later on I have changed my view on this. He said himself that working with someone else keeps it fresh, opens up his thoughts, even gives him a permission kind of to do things he wouldn’t do otherwise.

So, I guess I should give you some names. Ahh. The problem is, I don’t really know. Someone suggested Kelly Clarkson, and that would be cool for sure! Or then this new finding of mine, the Finnish soul artist called Tuomo. Ha.

But for real, I think I’ll let Gav to do his own decisions. Work with someone who he finds interesting and has something to share with him – or not. It’s his life, his dream, and all I know is that I will have respect on him no matter what.


Your turn now!

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