15 days of Gavin DeGraw: Day 10

Day 10: How did I became Gavin Girl

I have this feeling that I have been telling the story over and over again. So I’m not gonna repeat myself. I think I’m going to quote myself and link my previous posts about the same thing. The fact is that I am a Gavin Girl, and nothing’s gonna change that!


I don’t have any exact date for my first encounter with Gav. I don’t even remember it so good. It was spring time. It was year 2012. Later I have been hoping that I would have been there from the beginning. I have felt somehow inadequate when compared to others who have been there. But you know, I have been doing my best overdosing his music. So, though my time with him hasn’t been 10 years (yet!), it has been sure full of him. Ha.

Anyways. Someone just asked me in Twitter how did I became a fan. I answered that it was an accident. Ha. It kinda was.

The story of ours started when I almost accidentaly bought his newest album not really knowing who he even was. (I do those kind of things sometimes.) The first time I listened to it I knew there was something. Oh, totally. I was crying – and that, allthough it happens pretty often if the song is good enough,  was a signal for me that I hadn’t done a wrong decision when buying the album.

A wrong decision? Anything but that. I’m so glad and grateful that I made that decision. It has done things to me, to my views, my attitudes, my everything. I’m not saying that I wouldn’t had changed without Gavin, but he has been such a tremendous help when I was doing all the hard growing stuff in my life.

So, for me it was his music and especially his voice at first. See?

I was supposed to be getting ready to go to work, but there I was, sitting on a couch, tingling inside. The lyrics astounded me. The world of the sounds and melodies astounded me. The voice of the guy astounded me. Positively, of course. After the first one I was curious to hear more. And more. And… Luckily I managed to press the stop button and be at my office in time. I felt like I had just waken up inside.

Waken up inside. That’s right. That’s the thing he has done to me. Woke me up. Made me realize that my life is my life, not anybody else’s.

His looks wasn’t the thing. Not for a long time. For a very, very long time. I refused to watch any videos because I didn’t want to see him, for he looked so different that I expected him to look like when hearing his voice.

I think the point has been cleared already, it’s not about his looks. It’s something else. Something a whole lot more, something more complete.

Yeah. It’s very complete. It’s this huge respect for him. His work, his thoughts, his character, his way of sharing, giving, his sincerity, kindness… And, you know, nowadays I wouldn’t miss a change to watch a video or a pic of him! Ha, I just love him, just as he is. What can I say.


So, the links I promised, if you’re interested:

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