15 days of Gavin DeGraw: Day 11

Day 11: My favorite quote

You know me already. In most times I’m in amaze when ever I hear Gavin talk. I have been telling you that there’s almost always something that grabs my attention, makes me think. It could be some simple phrase between some bigger issues, or perhaps only the way of saying something.


In this one interview I saw lately Gavin says that he wants to make people to think a little bit. He tells that he is not trying to be the smartest guy in the world, but to make people to think a little bit. I was grinning, again, when I heard him. You know, just what I wrote above. He does make me think a bit, like always. So, you’re really getting there, mr.

So, this could be the long introduction to my favorite quote. I guess I tried to say that it has been a bit difficult to pick one. Ha, somehow I get the feeling I have kept saying this in every single blog post of this challenge. But it is! Difficult.

When almost anything he says makes me think, I find it a bit unfair to raise some quote above the rest. But then again, it’s true this next one has made me think, and feel encouraged and filled with hope and determination more than others.

Go where you are celebrated. And if you’re not celebrated where you are, you go where you are celebrated.

He makes it sound so easy and simple. And you know, maybe the life is just that simple when we let it be. You know, I think that I tend to make things way more difficult and complicated than they would be if I wouldn’t be worrying and interfering so much.

And this quote mentioned above is something that feels to me very independent, very true to yourself, very brave. You know, if you’re surrounded By people who don’t make you feel that you’re celebrated, you’re in a way challenged or obligated even to change the situation. Not because of others, but because of you.

Being yourself and still part of the bigger picture, that’s my challenge at the moment. And this quote is guiding me through it.

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