15 days of Gavin DeGraw: Day 13

Day 13: The least favorite Gavin’s song

I find it pretty apt that this question  is on day 13.


Photo credit goes to @suus_1979

At first I thought that there is just no way of answering this one. Like it would be showing some mistrust. I planned to tell you that I’m not going to answer this one.

But then I thought it again. And I have to admit that even though I love Gavin and everything he has done, I don’t love everything as much. The question of today isn’t about the song of Gavin you dislike, but the one you don’t love as much as the others. There’s a slight difference in the meaning of these two, and I can go with the last option.

It is a hard question, though.


I just went through the track listings of every albums and became more devastated with every one I went through. I looked at Chariot and thought that oh, well, if this is my fav album, anyways, I don’t have to pick any of these songs. Then I looked at Gavin DeGraw and tried to ‘not-like’ some of them. But there were none. Oh, well, I thought, there’s several albums still to go through. And then there was Free.

Sigh. At this point I started to feel the devastation. There’s absolutely none I could ‘love less’ in Free album. None. instead I found some pretty amazing ones, remembered how much I love Mountains to move, Free, Glass…  Oh well, I thought, I have gotten used to Sweeter album, so maybe I can find something from it.

But you know what. I didn’t. That’s really frustrating! And then there was only one left. Make a move. The one I’ve been playing nonstop in my car lately. Umm. Yes. A very, very tough question.

I thought that if I could pick the newest single Fire. I somehow I don’t like it so much, but then again, I have heard it just once.  (I have been visiting my mom, so no endless Gavin-sessions for me in couple of days. Bummer.) So, I decided I cannot choose something I don’t have a real opinion on.

Uh. I almost wish that I would have not made the decision to even try to answer the question of this day.

Almost? I do wish that.

But, I made a decision and I try my best.

So, the song of Gavin DeGraw that is my least favorite, could be from Make a move album, the song called Need.

I feel it’s the most non-Gavin-like from this album. See yourself. I’m not saying it’ a bad song, or that I wouldn’t like it. I just don’t like it as much as the others.

Oh, and I didn’t find any live-video of this song.


Your turn now!

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