15 days of Gavin DeGraw: Day 15

Day 15: Why I love Gavin DeGraw

The final day of the challenge

Before I go any further with the question of the day I would like to say couple of things of this challenge. It has been a journey that has made me more aware of my reasons for liking this certain person and his work. It has been difficult on some days, firstly because I don’t usually blog every day, and it has been a bit hard to find my time for it. Secondly because these questions have been really tough.

But no second thoughts! I have loved every single day of this challenge! There has been this reason to think of Gavin every day. Ha. Like I would need a special reason for that.

I loved this challenge because I get to spend some quality time with my leading man every day.
I loved this challenge because I learned a thing or two about myself, my infatuation – and of Gavin, too!
I loved this challenge because it was somehow bringing me closer to other Gavin Girls.
I loved this challenge because it made me write every day and that’s a thing I really need to do to get my emotions and thoughts clear.

I feel it a bit wistful to let this go. But you know, maybe there will be another one some day!

Okay, so, back to the question of the day!

The best question is the last or another way around. But I have been waiting for this one. I kinda like the subject matter!


The fact is I love Gavin DeGraw and there are several reasons for it. I have covered it pretty much in my previous posts, so just go and see.

The secret of degrawement

  • This one is a long one. I tried my best to cover it all. The very reasons why indeed I love G. I warmly recommend you to take a look.

Why Gavin?

  • More about my first impressions of the guy and the reasons why did I ever get to know him better.

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