Dear Gavin,

I just found this piece of text from my computer’s archives. I think it goes well with the subjet of the day, and the question

Why do I love Gavin DeGraw

So, here you go. Another go.


I love you for your music and voice. For the things your music represents to me. For the things it has done to me, how much medicine it has been to me.

I love you for your sincerity and your attitude towards us fans. I once wrote in my blog that you seem to have a good deal of respect for your fans and that is the reason the fans keep having respect for you.

I love your thoughts, the way you share your thoughts, how you let people see inside of you.

I love you for your love for performing, the way you are on stage is phenomenal. Your way of sharing your feelings with us is something deeply touching to me.

I love your laugh and that damned gorgeous smile of yours.

I love watching you do your thing on stage, for seeing you enjoying yourself, having fun, is making me have fun, too.

I love you for your sense of humor (I’m not sure if I’m ever able to hear the word ‘area’ without the giggles anymore), your down to earth attitude, your friendliness and … making me feel like you’re not just some celeb, but rather a long lost friend.

I love you simply because you have made me feel alive. Made me do things, “changed” my life (yes, I will never forgive this guy using those “-marks).

I love listening you singing. It’s somehow, captivating, you know. It’s not just you’re singing a nice song and that’s it, but it feels, oh boy, it feels! I mean, it feels like, umm, you’re living through it, like you’re sharing your deepest emotions with me when singing.

I love it how your voice just flows, I love the easiness in it, I love it that I don’t have to be afraid at all anytime. I mean, afraid of hitting a bum note, or trying something that your voice wouldn’t be able to carry out. You must know your voice in and out, all the way through. And I love your confidence about it.

I love the sudden singing in the middle of interviews that you do sometimes.

Ooh, and I love your hats! But there’s nothing wrong with your hair either. I tweeted once that seeing Gavin DeGraw hatless is like seeing him naked. Ahhahh! I just mean, I suddenly felt too close to you when watching some video from YouTube where you had no hat on. Too intimate. Too close. You were too… much… you know, you.

You have lifted me up so many times I’ve lost the count. You have calmed me down when I was freaking out. You have this tremendous effect on me and I so much appriciate everything you’ve done. I wish I had more words for it, but there are none. I can just keep flying with you.

And when with you, I’m not afraid of heights.


More reasons: The secret of degrawement


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