Is Gavin DeGraw Finnish?

Oh yes. I just need to share this one with you all.


As you all might know already I’m from Finland and there aren’t many people with me in this huge ‘love-of-my-life’-degrawement in this country. That I’m a bit sad for. I have heard Gavin from radio like once. And this is true. So sad, and so true.

Somebody once asked me that how did I ended up being a fan in the first place, then. Well, by accident, I would say. Haha. I had never heard of Gavin when I bought my first album of his, but that did work for me like a magic. I didn’t need to know him beforehands, he just reached his voice towards me and grabbed me and he has never let go of me ever since.

So, I’ve kinda got used to that I need to explain my affection a bit further with just anybody. Most likely everybody will just say ‘Oh, who is that?’. And when explaining, they go, ‘oh, cool, never heard of him’. But this next one reveals the situation in all it’s ‘horror’.

I told about a week ago to one of my longest time friends that I was going to Gavin’s concert to London and I was getting the chance to actually meet him. She was very understandable and even showed appropriate amount of excitement for me, and I was happy, untill she said: ‘Oh, by the way, is he Finnish?’

Oh god. Seriously? At least he has got a very Finnish name, right? Gavin DeGraw is a very popular name here in Finland.

Uh, just kidding. Not really, no.

I’m not sure how did I respond to that statement, I was so dumbstruck. But I can say that she knows now, ha. She’ll better remember that one next time!



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