The Ultimate Setlist

I know, I know. The most ultimate setlist would probably be including every single thing Gav has ever done or sung, right? So, we do really need this Gavinfest! But this time I tried to keep it real. I decided to compile my own setlist for him, and picked the songs from my favorites. It sounded pretty easy, but I can assure you that it wasn’t. If you try to do the same, you’ll most likely to agree with me.


Anyways. If the picking the songs was hard, the order of the songs was even harder. I was wondering how do these guys choose their songs and their playing order. Is it something very obvious to Gav, something he knows immediately he wants to do, or does it take more time and consideration? I might never find out. I was also wondering if there’s any song that he has never done live.  don’t know, for sure. Do you? Not that it matters, just curious.

Okay, so from my favorites (I had to leave so many out from my 15-songs including list that it annoys me a lot!) I picked these:

Leading Man
Different for Girls
Mountains to Move
Change is Gonna Come/Everything Will Change
Chemical Party
I Don’t Want to Be
Let’s Get It on/Every Little Bit
More Than Anyone
Best I Ever Had

It really annoys me to try to pick some of the songs over the others. For I have said it before and I will say it again that I love them all, I just need a different mood for some of them than to others. I’m wondering how does Gavin pick his songs for the tours, does he get the same feeling of annoyment, for leaving out some pretty cool stuff just because there isn’t enough time for everything. Or if he is tired of singing some songs over and over again.

I guess trying to find the setlist is about walking on the edge, you know. There’s this audience and the crowd and the fans and the expectations to be pleased – and then there’s the thing what he wants to play himself. You can’t do only one of these options, can you? You need to find the balance of being yourself and what you want – and still taking the fans and what they want into account.

Hard choises.

Oh, and I can’t wait to see what he is going to sing on 20th September in London!

Did a playlist of the songs I mentioned above in YouTube. Here you go!


2 thoughts on “The Ultimate Setlist

  1. good list! ive been thinking lately i really want (need) to hear belief and chemical party live. luckily those probably WILL show back up soon enough. and i dont think he’s ever performed medicate the kids least there is no footage anywhere of it if he has. id also have to put glass, meaning and WBT on this setlist somewhere for sure. oh..and a hallelujah cover. my favorite!!

  2. Oh yes, I *need* to hear ‘Belief’ live, too! Ahh. It has become my favorite of favorites lately. And ‘Stealing’ would be so cool to hear live as well. If I hope for something of the concerts to come it would be one of these songs, but I guess he’s not gonna do those this time, though. I thought too that ‘Medicate the kids’ would be one he has never done live, but I have no futher info of that, so… Ahh, ‘Glass’… I love that one, too. And ‘Hallelujah’ is amazing! Also I would like to hear ‘Angel eyes’ cover, so beautiful. Ha, just as I said. Too many good ones 🙂

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