Freaking out (Part 2)

Ahh. Here I am.


In London. This is my view from my hotel. Pretty cool, huh?

Anyways. It’s Friday. Tomorrow is the day. The thing is, now that it has come to this, I’m not that nervous as I expected to be. Which is not a bad thing.
I’ve packed with some things I might give to G if I have the courage to do so. At least my daughter’s drawing is a must, she was soo excited about it!
I’m writing with my phone, so I don’t have patience for deeper examination of my freaking out or the man in question.
Oh! But one thing!
You might remember that I’m into astrology as well, so I sometimes read my horoscopes (not from the magazines, though) and this one was just hilarous!
“Someone could get your head spinning at this time”, it read. And the time it was referring to was 18 th to 21th September.
I kinda wonder who might that be.
I wouldn’t have needed to read that from the horoscope, though. Ha.


So. Just to let you know, I’m alive and happy and not that nervous as I feared. Yet.

And in London.


Your turn now!

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