The other brother

So, this is getting interesting. Something is happening to me. Ha, I mean, it’s kinda hard to explain and it’s not really any closely related to Gavin, but here goes anyways.

It’s Joey this time.


And the difficulties for explaining originate from what I previously wrote about J and decided not to publish it because it was all crap. (It was about the fact that I didn’t like what I saw in Heineken Music Hall.) But now I’m beginning to change my mind and it’s confusing, because even when offended in Amsterdam by Joey’s performance (who knows why) I felt still this curiosity and need to check him out better and kept thinking of him nonetheless.

Well, if you will excuse me and let me show you a hint of what I wrote previously. It might have been that I was so damn sore because it was my last concert of G this year (or who knows for how long time…!), and I missed him like crazy, and because I had expected something good from Joey as well, and I felt like he let me down somehow. And offended. For some reason really, really offended. Like he was deliberately pissing me off. Ha.

(Sorry, Joey for what comes next, I have no idea why it affected me like that! The only explanation I can come up with is that what I just wrote above. And for my excuse – I’ve started to change my opinion. Actually just tweeted that now I got the urge of buying a Joey DeGraw album as well.)

When waiting to get in the Heineken Music Hall someone asked me what did I think about Joey, and I told them I didn’t really know the guy at all, but that I didn’t like the way he spoke about Gavin in some videos I had seen. Others told me that he had been very nice and friendly towards them and so I thought that maybe I had been wrong, and misinterpreted things. I was really curious about him and wanted to like his music.

But he didn’t give me any chance for it.

It was just bad. So terrible I couldn’t believe it was happening. Okay, he performed acousticly which can be a very beautiful thing, but this was just so home-made. When he first came on stage he walked, said blankly ‘hello’ and started tuning his guitar. Umm, excuse me, mister, it could be considered to be done before the actual concert time.

When they then started playing my ears ache. I understand nothing about sound reproduction, but that was just bad. The sounds just were… nerve-cracking. And his comments between the songs were just… umm. Weird. I was constantly wondering should I feel offended now. For example he said: “After awhile my brother is going to bring the whole band out and it will be so much cooler.” I was gasping, not solely because of his words, but his tone of voice and the freaking arrogant attitude. And he said: “Thank you for coming out and… listening.”

Well, yeah, I suppose there’s nothing else I could do, when nobody knows your songs anyways. Sorry for not screaming for you, but who are you to expect it. It’s not enough to be a Gavin’s brother to succeed. Man, you can’t even sing! I thought. I *was* on rather bad mood for some reason and it must have coloured my thoughts. Afterwards I’ve become again curious about his music, and kept wondering if he had just a bad day, or if I did. Could he have been really that bad?

He kept saying ‘thanks a lot’ and with a slight double meaning there. I refused to clap my hands, just stood there and wished it would be soon over. The only thing I liked about his performance was his guitarist, Tim. That was a sweet and adorable man. He was playing his heart out and gave his all, instead of standing without moving a muscle in one place as some other did. I cheered to Tim, though. Loved that guy, ha.

I was sooooo offended. I don’t understand really why, but that was freaking me out. Ugh! Yeah, my life is so interesting that I need to get offended by a random singer? But when it comes to Gavin, or things even distantly related to Gavin, I’m about to lose all my common sense. Sigh.

After the show we headed to the back doors with the other girls I got to know in the concert and started waiting again. We were hoping to see someone from the band and possibly G himself. We saw David and James – and Joey, several times, but I was still so offended about his behaviour that I refused to try to get a picture with him. He was all the time all over the place. But no matter how long we waited there was no sign of mr DeGraw younger, so at some point we just needed to give up and go home.

So, what I’m thinking right now?

I saw Joey post a video of him performing in Paris and I needed to watch it immediately. Ha, and I mean, immediately: left my work for a second behind and just locked up myself and watched it. I had absolutely no patience with this one. I watched and tried to find the upsetment from myself, but I didn’t. I was actually thinking, well, okay, this may not be that bad, mabe it was just better place/audience for him in Paris than in Amsterdam, or maybe, just maybe I’m on better mood at the moment.

I still wasn’t totally blown away. Curious, that I was. So, I needed to keep YouTubing some other videos from him and found some songs without any video, but instead with the quality I felt was so badly lacking from the live performance. I stopped and felt amazed. I was all like oh damn, now I understand what the others meant when saying that he makes beautiful music. And, yes, his voice was ticklingly good.

I was thinking is this even the same guy who I saw? Isn’t this Gavin?

Well, obviously it wasn’t Gavin and it wasn’t even so closely similar to his voice, but something similar I heard. And more videos I played (remember: in my office, in the middle of the day, damn you DeGraw brothers! If I’m about to get fired you know who I’ll blame…) the more I liked. And then it happened. I got the urge to buy the album, to find it out really thoroughly, listen to it over and over and over again, to familiarize myself with it and after that form my opinion on this guy.

But isn’t that just an excuse? Don’t I have my opinion on him already?

Man, what it is in these brothers? What is their magic? I don’t usually go nuts like that so easily (well, for G I do, but that doesn’t count, does it?). And it keeps confusing me.

After all I just said and wrote, after all this tremendous feeling of upset I felt, after thinking so badly about him…

Well, okay, I didn’t enjoy his performance in Amsterdam, not even close. And I didn’t fell for his live thing in Paris either. But the way he sings in these songs from his album is waaayy different. Can’t stop wondering why.

Well, all of us can’t be that phenomenal live performancers as the DeGraw younger. Ha!

And it’s not about the thing he did it acoustically. I absolutely looove acoustic versions of songs. Just imagine Gavin doing his stuff (a deep sigh of pleasure), I find it so overwhelmingly intense when there’s just Gavin and his piano (or guitar). How one man can create such an atmosphere of… I can’t explain it. Intensity. He is so present in his songs, I guess. I love watching Gavin letting go and just taking off and flying with the song and his gorgeous voice. I enjoy so much to find the songs every time again with him, to find something new every single time. It could be a tiny shade of different rhythm, different emphasis, different feeling within the same words. I mean, that guy is ingenious. Lovelovelove Gavin. Have I ever mentioned it before?

Oh, distracted.

That happens a lot when thinking of G, sheesh!

But Joey sounds so much more relaxed to me when singing on his record that he did in live. His voice is playing so beautifully in the record and then in live it somehow just shrinks.

I don’t know.

But it doesn’t explain his comments, though, between the songs. It could have been that I was already pissed off, that I wanted to misunderstand them (been there, done that sometimes, you know). But Gavin loves him, anyways, and that should tell me something at least.

And even if he had the worst personality in the world (which I strongly doubt), it shouldn’t affect on the enjoyment from his music anyways.

Uh. So the thing I wanted to tell you shortly put is: I didn’t like Joey’s performance in Amsterdam, but I’m suddenly very much liking his music. And buying his album is next up on my to-do -list.


People really can be confusing. Just look at me, for example. Ha.

What do you think of the other brother?


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