The water bottle story and other coincidences


I found it very amusing when in Amsterdam concert Gavin used his mouth spray again and I thought ‘what is that thing’ when he was putting it away. Immediately after my thought he turned around and showed us his spray and told us what it was (‘like a sun lotion for the throat’). I was chuckling all by myself. This was an unfailing indication of our telepathic connection, right?

And it went even further than this. He told his ‘water bottle story’ I had heard in London as well, but he did it better this time. I was chuckling again when I knew what was coming when he said ‘the song became so much more meaningful’ and that it was a ‘very important story’. I also laughed out loud so bad when he told how he feels about buying water bottles from the hotel. (I must admit that there’s something rather surprisingly sexy hearing him swear, haha. Yeah, I know. I’m helpless.) In London I laughed, too, for I do the same, just for the same reasons.



I found from the story some hidden messages for myself. I know, I know. But I did. I once tweeted (a looooong time ago) that I wonder how Gavin feels when hearing himself from radio, does he go all ‘wow, that guy can seriously sing’? And in this very important story of his he just tells me how did he feel when listening himself (‘the singer’s okay’, he says. Okay?? Oh, come on, mister!).

And (*a sigh of embarrassement*) I wrote that damn collection of poems that I gave to him in London. In that collection there’s this one poem where I exalt his timing in the songs – and in London he just said ‘that guy should’ve worked on his vocals’ when referring himself singing. This time in Amsterdam he goes ‘he needs to work on his tone and his timing a little bit’. And I was again all like ‘whoah, are you talking to me?’.

Ha. It’s just an accident. But what can I say. I’m pretty good in over interpreting things. I just felt amused and smiled like an idiot the whole story through.

Ha, that’s one thing Gavin keeps doing to me. Making me look like an idiot when smiling so bad. But I love him for that, too. (I wonder if there’s anything of him that wouldn’t make me love him for. Very likely not, or so it seems at the moment, haha!)

Anyways. These were my very important coincidences I wanted to share. Have you got some similar experiences of Gavin talking “straight” at you at the concert?

The story of the Amsterdam concert coming up later. Stay tuned 🙂



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